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  1. I have Evernote premium. The problem is Evernote search highlight feature with images works on its own, sometimes highlighting searches and sometimes not esp. on IOS devices. It much more reliable on desktop Mac application. After IOS update to 9.3.5 it's not working at all. Evernote is finding the right notes but fails to highlight results within notes. I tried to restart Evernote app, sync and resync for ages - nothing works. This erratic behaviour is not what I expect to pay subscription fees for this app. The images I use are all standard formats - jpegs and png an
  2. If you are working for evernote than you are dodging your answers, iphone takes either png or jpegs - this is the "sort of file" we are using. i have the same problem - Evernote is not highlighting searches in jpeg/png pictures. Also sometimes search highlight works but when extra image added to the note it stops highlighting. Too bad for app with 50€/year subscription fees. I want to know what's wrong with you app.
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