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  1. Yes, that is how I remember the whole nested notebook thing. I was one one of the ones making the argument back the then. That's why it gets under my skin today especially after reading the board. I have a lot of data on Evernote and a move can not be taken lightly, one of the resons I kept sending those checks. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Jefito, Its not just about categorizing data, it's about the segragation of data so as not to be seen unless required. Imaging having 3 folders on a desk. Each folder has other folders whick contain your life's work, photos, bills, corrospondence, atc. etc. etc. When you come into the room, what do you see? Answer - three folders in a neat office. Now I see 200 folders scattered all of the place and family has access to everthing. I have no personal privacy, nor do I have business privacy/security. It's like having an extremely messy desktop on your computer. Its about having data storag
  3. Jetito, You are correct, I have been making it work. Most of Evernote's features are superior to other products. I get that. But their unresponsiness to these issues has gotten under my skin, especially as my demand for these features has increased. I liked Evernote because they were adding new innovative features all of the time. For some reason, they seem to have a block on understanding the importance of this feature request for many of their users. Just read the board, its like Evernote is speaking another language on this issue. This is about making the product better for everyone,
  4. Thanks you for you suggestion. I am a premium account holder and thought that it would handle all of my needs. Even the most basic journaling software offers nested folders/directories/notebooks. They used to have it and then they dropped it. It was great back then. This board is full of complaints on the issue. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I use the tag system because I am forced to. I does not work for me or for many, many other people. There have been complaints about this organizational system since Evernote made the change to the cloud (or online server based system back then - there was no cloud). This board has many entries of complaints since 2008. Other issues like passowrd protection have also not been addressed either. None of these issues seem unrealistic or unreasonable. The tagging system can stay in place to be an alternative feature or to complement the sub notebooks. I am not a guru, but surely their programmers
  6. After many years as a Evernote customer, I am starting the move away from this product. Repeatedly users have asked for subnotebooks or nested notebooks and it has fallin on deaf ears. The tag system sucks, period! I user evernote for ab bazillion catagories of work notes, home notes, scanned bills, school notes, etc. The work needs to separated by projects, projetcs within projects, people, etc. I want my work notes completely separated from my home notes. My family can get to the home notes, but there is no reason for them to have access to by work notes. If this were possible I would h
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