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  1. Yes, second that. Please remove that share-button / make it optional / at least not green please Especially in dark mode it is very distracting..
  2. New update, it seems to be gone... Finally... it... really seems to be gone! Even after restart! Can anyone confirm?
  3. Hi, after new update still the subtle orange push... (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) I really believe you dconnet, that you want to remove this annoyance. So thank you for your work. But this situation overall is very strange.
  4. Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes, just tested it ( (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641)). Customizing the toolbar. Rearranging it. Syncing before closing. Closing before syncing. Still there after restart, shouting in my face: Upgrade
  5. Hi, I really believed it was fixed this time After testing it, it seemed so to me. But it is there again now. I don't use evernote so often anymore, just for legacy projects so I didn't notice. You need to restart the application, instead of only pressing sync at the moment to make the button reappear.
  6. While turning it orange, it also seems, that no "hack" is needed anymore to remove that Upgrade-Button. So case closed at this moment I guess :)
  7. Yep... My Upgrade Button reappeared again... Will not ask again this time how to remove it... Probably the workaround still works That and finding more minor problems in formatting when writing in evernote is making it more and more frustrating for me to use it. That's no good mindset, writing an idea... I found another alternative (yeahi) that works regarding structuring ideas and more things like a charm. You might want to check out dynalist. Evernote is still great, when it comes to capturing webpages. I think I will restructure my workflow to accommodate that. Any tips/advi
  8. The workaround works, the upgrade button is gone with this specific way of removing it, thanks Austin
  9. I don't seem to have this issue anymore. Is it fixed for everyone else? If someone else could confirm, this topic might be finally solved ^^
  10. I just changed the title. I let the *solved* there because, in my thinking, all that could be done from the user end, was done and the topic had the latest information. The "solution" is to wait for an update. Thanks for pointing out that it can be understood differently and indeed, the issue itself hasn't been solved yet.
  11. Hi, I also updated and are using the most current one (304720) Public and the problem still persists... I will write support again.
  12. I talked with support. And this is a known issue that should be resolved in the next update! Thank you all for your support, best Tom
  13. Hi, thank you for your suggestion and insight. I tried that and also made a gif http://imgur.com/i8SuTGX (unfortunately I was only able to upload it here once, deleted that test-post but couldn't upload it again. If someone can show me how to insert gif in the forum directly, via upload or inserting a direct link, I'd appreciate it a lot ) But even changing the order made it reappear. I found out though, that syncing triggers the upgrade button to re-appear.
  14. Thank you so much! I've tried restarting/reopening a few times - no success I've contacted support and will get back as soon as I have a solution or know if it is a intended feature
  15. Hi, thank you so much for your quick reply I made screenshots in which order what happens. I hope they appear right..
  16. Hi, I have an paid plus account and have no interest in the premium account, so I want to permanently remove the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar. I removed the Upgrade-Button from the sidebar a few times, but it reapears after a few minutes. After googling I found that this had been an issue before in 2015 topic 1 topic 2 The solution there was to update to the latest version. But since I have the latest version, I don't see any other way. What could I do, to permanently remove the Upgrade Button from the sidebar? Thank you so much
  17. I use it for study notes or tutorials. That might become even a longer text and when I want to share it with someone printing is a good way. Implementing pagenumbers on the print-out don't seem to be that hard to implement and kinda attacking people for using evernote the way they want or need seems strange to me.. Ignoring long wished features, that are around as long as I use evernote (almost five years I think) is feeling like people are left alone. I know, many things (security and stability) are important too. But I don't understand and feel that too well as an customer who pays fo
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