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  1. Thank you both Only the first idea have errors due to the clearing of the tag that are associtated with the archoved items and need to be invisible too. Arcnive tag also not makes the solution and oldstuff still is visible in clipper and other linked apps.
  2. most system setup have in average a folder depth of 5 to 7 folders Evernote has only the ability to import only 3 levels and leaving out the rest Example structlre like 1st level expenses 2nd level --years -2015 3rd level ----Quarters-- Q1 4th level -- Months----- Jan 5th level ------purpose---------- Private 5th Level -----purpose---------- Business there are many other ways that always go beyond the 3 levels limitiation or Evernote please increase the folder import and sync to 5 or 7 levels to imported
  3. to solve the problem of the archiving and show up the result as well the tags.and still have to see the old article in the web clipper or sear results. what I want like to put all note now into an archive and the start over all again. the but is, that I still need to have access to the notes in the archive. and if possible also have all tag move the the archive . the suggested way to do Thank you for contacting Evernote Customer Support. My name is Olegs and I will be happy to assist you today. I understand you would like to archive all of your current notes but still have access to them when you need to. 1.) At the moment the only way to archive/back up your notes/notebooks would be to export them out of Evernote as an Evernote XML (.enex) and then to import your ENEX (.enex) backup files to restore your notes and tags back into your Evernote account when you need to. For more information on how to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks [click here](https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005557-How-to-back-up-export-and-restore-import-notes-and-notebooks). 2.) If the first option does not work for you, then the are few work arounds you can use to separate/archive your notes without exporting them out of Evernote. * Assign a Tag of "Archive" to ALL notes you would like to archive and don't want to include in Searches (use search term "-tag:Archive" to any search you want to EXCLUDE those OLD Notes-tag:archive). * Move ALL Notes to a Notebook, or Stack, named "Archive" (for example). the result of option that is the closed Option not work still see the old article and tag. The actual request is to make is possible as requested not see the old article and tag ones they are in the archive. it wanted can see by selecting the option to search in the archive as well t hen atou als soo the tags forr mthe arichve. so you can use evernote more efficient and still have access to the old stored in fmration.
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