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  1. I GOT IT!! sorry for the cap locks but im so excited. I upgraded to premium and was still able to retrieve the old edits. looks like she just deleted the text trying to copy and paste it. Thank you Gazumped and Haas in support
  2. thank you gazumped. She currently has a Basic account. I dont see any way to submit a ticket. Would she need a premium account for that? Also if she had deleted the note on a Basic account then upgraded to premium, any idea if it would still have records of older notes?
  3. Hello my name is Jerry and I am speaking on my mothers account. my 79 year old mother has begun learning how to use a smart phone for the last years and loves Evernote. She spends countless nights thinking of what to write in her app. For months she spent time writing down memories and eventually writing a bio of my grandfather who I never had the chance to meet. After months of work, she was so proud of the story she wrote and wanted to share her completed work. She eventually wrote multiple stories of him. In the process of attempting to share it with us last night, the file
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