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  1. I've been gifted an iPhone. Sorry to be leaving my Windows Phone behind, but I really did prefer the experience of Evernote to OneNote. Horses for courses and the tail wagging the dog and all that, but windows phone always seems to have been the poor relation for apps, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better as market share declines.
  2. I was so sorry to read this by email today. I wish a bit more notice could have been given, though I appreciate that I can continue to use the app on my phone until I'm up to speed with OneNote. I can't tell you how useful Evernote has been for me and I'm genuinely gutted at this decision. I'm afraid I won't be renewing again as a premium user this autumn.
  3. Update - working ok now I'm having problems clipping too, even reloading doesn't work. I'm running Edge on Windows 10 on a Surface Pro4 and get the error message about Clipper not being able to start. I tried clipping this page and it didn't work.
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