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  1. 22 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  The https://spamrl.com/ website says "don't contact us to remove your details" - they're used as a lookup service by corporate and spam filter users who check for what's previously been logged as spam.  You could check with your own IT people to see if they can add that IP (or the Evernote.com domain) to an 'allowed list',  or use a webmail account (or Evernote Web) to get around this.


    In many corporate IT departments, Evernote is a bad word - they don't want employees uploading sensitive data to the sites they can't control. E.g. I work for a very large corporation and I can access Evernote web but can't upload any attachments. So getting the IT involved may result in them realizing they have a hole to plug, and cutting off the OP's access at work completely.

    I would just try setting up a new Gmail or Outlook.com account, with auto forwarding to work account. Send EN email to that address and it will forward to work address. 

  2. 1) If you don't store file attachments in your Onenote, then exporting as either Doc or PDF should work fine.  And if you don't mind having large documents & using search extensively, you may save yourself some time and export whole sections.

    2) Apple Notes is indeed a great program.... until you decide to pull information out of it, especially if you ever switch OS. There's no way that I know to use Apple Notes on a Windows or Linux or Android or Chrome OS machine outside of the slow and clunky web access, which at the present time doesn't allow attachments.   And on the iOS at least, no way to batch export notes. It really locks you into one vendor, which is never a good thing.  Are you using file attachments in Notes a lot ? If not there's probably a number of more future-proof ways of taking notes.

  3. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    All interesting for someone who's unhappy with a present system,  but so far I'm very content (just renewed Premium) and have too many notes and too much inertia to be tempted to look into alternatives.

    And there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. It was a discussion on EN alternatives, and as someone who used EN religiously for a while and have been looking at various alternatives for the past 3 years or so, I thought I'd chime in. If it works for you, that's great. I am not trying to make people ditch EN for ON or GD or whatever, I am just providing my (unrequested) POV.

    Using any service requires a certain degree of trust and hoop jumping. There's simply no way around this. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, eric99 said:

    Evernote doesn't data mine my notes, that's the reason I'm willing to pay for it. What about Google Drive?

    I honestly don't care. If I don't want them to know something, I'll encrypt it. Otherwise, it's kind of pointless to hide user manuals, remodeling quotes or travel reservations from Google when people use Gmail and Google search and Android phones. Or Outlook.com and Bing and Windows 10 computers. Your emails and daily location data and search queries (and credit card transactions, and Amazon purchase history, and a myriad of other data bits that  practically all retailers and services share about you) paint a much more comprehensive picture  than a pile of documents and notes you keep somewhere. What worries me more is how good are they at preventing unauthorized access to my data, maintaining it backed up and accessible, and how easy is it to move around. You can always use an alternate paid service like SpiderOak if you're concerned with privacy. Or, just keep everything in encrypted format. I don't know if there's a way to index and search encrypted containers on mobile devices - never had the need - but it's very easy to set up on Windows or Linux while keeping the index itself secure.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    I’d be interest in other opinions but my first thought is No Way.  The centralized encryption worries me

    I use the native encryption for each individual files

    I've used a centralized encryption (first PGP Disk, then FreeOTFE, then TrueCrypt) since late 90s. Almost daily. Never, ever, ever had data loss. 

    That said, Cryptomator does encrypt files individually, and not in one huge volume, however there's no way to say which resulting file is what original file without mounting the whole system first.(Perhaps by file size ? But the file names are gibberish).

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  6. 1 hour ago, eric99 said:

    Does Cryptomator encrypts into a standard file format such as encrypted pdf or encrypted zip? Otherwise you have a new dependency to Cryptomator...


    Cryptomator mounts as a drive in Explorer so getting data out of it is as simple as entering the password and copying the top level directory. No need to convert anything, or decrypt individual files. It's also open source and posted on Sourceforge, so even if the project ever folds, the program and it's source code will remain available.  

    If I ever find a better alternative, switching over would be as simple as moving files between two drives. I switched between a few encrypted storage solutions in the past 15 years, it's about as painless of a process as it gets. Click, drag, drop, done.

    There are indeed many alternatives, I just happened to like that one better.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    I’m using the same formats as Evernote.  
    The notes are html, and no change to the format of attachments

    If tnis was my primary source, I’d rethink the html format - I don’t have a good editor

    The HTML was not the best choice for conversion, and I wouldn't do it again that way.  Luckily it's old notes that I rarely re-visit. I am converting them to PDF or Doc as needed.

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  8. Hi everyone, checking in to share some experience of using an alternative for the past 7 months. 

    (Actually, I switched to Onenote about year and a half prior to that, but for all intents and purposes EN and ON are somewhat related services.)

    So, seven or so months ago, I finally bit the bullet and decided to try something I've been thinking of for a while - stop using any sort of dedicated data capture and storage service like Onenote or Evernote, and move all of my data to a file folder cloud based system. A very big part of this decision was the desire to never again have to deal with system migration and file conversion.

    So, here's my setup. It's been working fine for me, with some things being better and some things being more difficult than using a dedicated service. 

    All of my data is kept in Onedrive, and synced to Google Drive using CloudHQ free service. The sync part is not really required, mainly I did this to figure which service I liked better, but grew used to having my data duplicated.

    All of my files are in common format - PDF, Office doc and excel, or images. If I ever have to switch over to a different provider, no conversion will be required.

    I use Google Drive and Onedrive search. Primarily Google because it's app loads faster on my ancient Mini 2. Both services will OCR a document or image with text. 

    For sensitive data, I use an app called Cryptomator. It provides strong encryption, and has very decent clients for pretty much every OS. There's a choice of several similar app, I picked this one for being open source, free, and very cross-platform. (There's also a way to index files hidden in Cryptomator by using another free software.)

    For capturing paper documents, there's a very good and wide choice of scanner type software available for both iOS and Android, usually complete with OCR. I settled on a program called Scanbot, which is very well thought through and optimized for batch processing and automated saving of captured documents. I haven't touched my flatbed scanner in months.

    For taking notes, I use a number of apps, basically whatever I feel like, as long as it meets a few main requirements - (1) fast (2) automatic saving to cloud (3) common file format. Most usually it's either Goodnotes or Notability on myiPad, set up to automatically save a PDF version of note to the cloud when I exit the program. Goodnotes is especially great for quick handwritten notes because it automatically (and pretty accurately) OCRs handwriting so the resulting PDF can be searched.

    There are negatives as well, which for some people may be deal breakers:

    1) Storage capacity. AFAIK Google offers 15 GB free (combined with email) and Outlook something like 5 ? (I was grandfathered into 30 GB). Not a problem for me - I only have about 3 GB worth of data, but may be an issue for some people. (But then the cost of added storage is pretty reasonable).

    2) Google Drive specific issue: it will not search in large PDFs. Onedrive seems to work fine on them.

    3) Another Google Drive specific issue: if you're using Google Drive, it will default to Google Docs format for new documents. I prefer to have physical access to actual files rather than hyperlinks to them. 

    4) Google Drive is terrible at handling HTML documents. On the iOS, practically unusable. 

    So, if I had to stick with only one service, I'd pick Onedrive. However GDrive has it's own advantages as well: it's faster on older iPads, Chrome's "Save to Drive" command creates a PDF of a web page with hyperlinks preserved, perfect for clipping, and it's generally directly supported by more apps and extensions. Having both services in sync worked the best for me.

    Sorry if it was a long-winged post.

  9. 8 hours ago, GrumpyMonkey said:

    Good idea, but one thing to check, though, would be the OCR. I think it only gets supplied when exporting. In other words, while as a backup file, it hasn't yet been OCR'd.

    No, it OCRs every PDF, whether exported manually or saved as a backup. If you set Goodnotes to automatically back up all files to cloud storage in PDF format, the resulting PDFs have OCR. I don't ever export a note unless I need to email it to someone. I just know where to find a PDF version of it. In a way, it works just like Evernote / Onenote / Keep - you write something down and you can find it in the cloud without any additional work on your part.  Another benefit is that if you need to add to that note and you don't have your iPad / iPhone nearby, you can always just open it in a PDF viewer and add a typed comment. 


    And, unfortunately, GoodNotes lumps multiple files into a zipped folder for some reason when it exports, so you either export one file at a time or unpack them in your computer. 

    OK, I understand now ! You are using manual backup, that's why you're getting this. The best way to use it is to set up auto backup, this way every note you take gets saved automatically as an individual unzipped PDF file with OCR. (Correction: each time you make a change to a notebook, it will be saved as an individual PDF with OCR; individual pages have to be exported manually).


    I've never found it terribly onerous getting things into Evernote, though. A couple of taps, and it is in there. I suppose, if you generate dozens of files a day in GoodNotes, it might not be so great.

    By the way, the other day my iPad lost consciousness for good, and I had to get it exchanged for a new one. All of my backed up stuff was there, and it was only a minor hiccup thanks to the GoodNotes backup feature.

    If I have to generate dozens of notes, and I am at my desk, I just use Word. For project planning, I really like using a mind mapping tool, then once I am done with it I export the data to a common file format. I don't really care what tool I use to generate a particular note, as long as they are all easy to find and are saved in a common format I can use on any device.

    My biggest gripe with GoodNotes is the entire notebook approach. It's great for someone maintaining class lectures, but I much prefer individual single notes, like Notability.  I wrote to the developers a week ago and was told they are working on releasing a new version which will support a quick single note creation. For now, I just set up 3 notebooks and clean them up periodically.

  10. 2 hours ago, DTLow said:

    Thanks for the post on GoodNotes.  I'm a fan of using alternate editors in Evernote

     Handwriting OCR feature is a nice feature.  Is there an option to review and correct the errors (I have terrible handwriting)

    I'm currently using Notability on my iPad.  No OCR, but it has good integration with Evernote via the share menu.  Can you comment on the GoodNotes > Evernote integration?

    You can correct handwriting when exporting it manually. I don't think there's a way to correct it when exporting a PDF automatically. I'd say I get well over 90% accuracy with a decent stylus, and my handwriting is terrible. I seem to be one of the few people left who still write in cursive, plus English is not my native language and my handwriting is probably affected by this (different learned strokes). So if it works for me, it should work for anyone :) 

    I only still have Evernote free which I am not even using, just keep it around so I could use this forum (lots of good data organization info here that is more or less universal) so no comments there - I think you need a paid membership to search through PDF files ?  I can however find text in my handwritten PDFs when searching in GDrive. So it probably works the same way. Basically, as I understand it, the OCR text in PDF is handled by a special layer, so the result should be the same as with a typed PDF that has that OCR layer embedded. 

  11. This may be something that's been known to everyone for ever, but it came as a total surprise for me.

    I long knew that GoodNotes had some of the best handwriting recognition out there. 

    What I didn't realize was that when you export your note as PDF, your handwriting will be searchable in that PDF, and can be copied as text. (It seems GoodNotes automatically OCR's your text in the PDF it generates, and it's doing it right there on your device). 

    Combine this with the fact that GoodNotes is the only handwriting recognition program out of many I tried that accurately recognizes >>90% of my - admittedly terrible - hurried chicken scratch. 

    Spreading the joy...

    (I don't think the people behind GoodNotes do a very good job promoting their own app, to me this is a major feature that no other similar app - that I know of - has, and it needs to be at the top of their web page, not hidden somewhere in description).

  12. I am using an iOS app called "Scanbot" (I think it's available for Android too) and it's the best scanner app I've ever tried, by far. Afaik it allows scanning directly into Evernote. It's also well designed for quickly scanning large number of pages. Supports OCR and allows creating password protected PDFs. I can't recommend it enough. 

    On the desktop, the open-source freeware NAPS32 is very good too, fast and configurable, although I am not sure if it can be configured to scan into EN directly (probably would work via Google Drive or iCloud and IFTTT).

    For the long term storage, I think PDF makes more sense, since it is more widely searchable by more apps on more systems, and the text can be exported out. A JPEG will be searchable by EN / GD / OneDrive but not Windows or Linux indexing, a PDF will be searchable by most indexing apps and by these storage systems as well.

  13. 3 hours ago, gazumped said:

    I blame tachyons.  Mac users tend to be better served (I guess) in that attachments are left as discreet files,  while in Windows we get one humungous MySQL database with the attachments lumped in there somewhere.  Clearly there's a well-defined wrapper that allows Evernote Windows to split out the original content and recreate the separate file when there's a need to do so (and the dumb user remembers that's possible) but otherwise its just one block of code.

    My option from Windows is to use a Gdrive folder and add a link to a PDF attachment in a note so that the file remains completely separate from the database and any keywords / summaries I might create.

    Of course that does mean that the content isn't indexed,  but IME most PDFs contain more noise than useful keywords anyway - and I can take care of that with a title and/ or tags.

    This seems like a whole lot of work, honestly. Also, you are now reliant on that file always being there with the same link address. What happens if for some reason you no longer use GDrive ?

    Also, this is my personal preference, but I hate password protected PDFs. If I use more than one file (e.g. preparing for a tax return) and especially if I am using a mobile device, entering these passwords becomes a massive PITA.

    What I am doing instead - not saying it's a better way to handle sensitive files, but to me it's just as safe and way more convenient - is I am keeping them in an encrypted file container. There's a whole number of well regarded products, both commercial and open source, that provide on-the-fly encryption with various degrees of cross platform compatibility (Veracrypt, VIIVO, NcryptedCloud, Cryptomator, Boxcryptor etc). This way, you can set up a single secure password, and you only have to enter it once per session. The container is mounted as a drive in Windows (so if you want to set up a shortcut to a PDF file inside the container, the shortcut should stay the same regardless of where you put your container as long as you always use the same drive letter to mount it). Every file you put into container, whether on your computer or mobile, is automatically encrypted. Some of these programs allow using key files in addition to passwords (although I think it's an overkill for most people ) and some can be optionally unlocked with TouchID - a great feature when scanning and saving lots of financial documents using my iPhone.


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  14. 4 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    My condolences on your loss. What a shame to lose these transcripts also. This is a very long shot indeed, but I wonder if it would be worthwhile contacting Evernote technical support to see if they would be willing to look at the file and try to restore it. Possibly they might have access, for instance, to a 2013 version of EN that would work on it.

    Thank you. I am not easily thrown off balance, but this news was hard to take for a while. Especially because he was one of these very rare people who don't change as they grow up and mature, it's the same person you've known since childhood.

    Anyway, I already sent the transcripts to his family..

  15. 4 hours ago, gazumped said:

    It's a very old principle - I think the relevant quote is: "Trust in the Lord - but keep your powder dry" - and keep regular backups.

    One thought - when you moved from Evernote to OneNote originally:  did you wipe all your data from the Evernote account?  Or is there a version of that note currently in the account - allbeit with corrupted data?  Because if so you should be able to step back to an earlier version of the note with Note History which may have more content than you've currently found.

    I had wiped all my data, since I thought I had the backup. I deleted the account. This is why I had to create a new one with that silly name.

    With few exceptions, most programs used to be terrible in handling formatted non-English text. I've had whole names in Outlook replaced by ???'s. So it's not like EN only fault. 

    I've already emailed his widow the log (had to go through it and delete anything he wouldn't want her to see.. we've been corresponding for longer than they've been married).

    Thanks for help ! I will try an earlier version, just to see if it works.


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  16. So, I found the file I kept in Word format up to 2011, looks like I will lose three years of records that only existed in Evernote. It seems that somehow, the encoding data got lost and the text was replaced by garbage characters. The last date in that record is October 2013.

    It has a sentimental value - basically, it contained copies of my Skype conversations (and before that, emails) with two of my closest childhood friends. I moved to States in my early 20s and we kept in touch regularly thanks to technology. One of them just died, very suddenly and far too young. I am preparing the transcript of all of our conversations - going back to the early 90s - to send to his family. It's only about 3 years missing, so not a major loss.

    It did reinforce the lesson I've learned years ago - don't rely on any one system, and make regular backups.



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  17. 59 minutes ago, Wanderling Reborn said:

    Opening direct. I will try importing, thanks

    Nope, no luck.

    It appears the text somehow got corrupted & the original info lost.  No matter what I try I only see the ????'s.

    Hopefully I have at least an older backup somewhere.. the text in that note has literally been collected over the last two decades, so chances are I have at least some of it in one of my old backup CDs... just hope I still have one of these CDs.

  18. Hi all,

    I used Evernote for years before switching to Onenote and then moving all of my data to a file folder based system last year.

    I exported everything but kept my last enex backup file from 2014.

    I just had to look up some info I didn't use since at least then. The original note was in Cyrillic. When I opened it in Google Drive, it was all garbled with question marks instead of letters. So I downloaded EN for Windows and opened my backup and it's all garbled there too. I tried the usual stuff like changing fonts, trying to change encoding etc. to no avail.

    I know that the note was fine at least at some point because I added to it. 

    Had anyone ever run into a similar problem, and found a fix ? I have a feeling that I'm SOL but thought I'd at least try asking.

    TIA !

  19. 2 hours ago, Grover_evernote said:

    Hello Mike,

    I don't think that this is possible, to resize any images in Dropbox's Paper. I tested it today and it is the reason for me to not opt for Dropbox Paper for my business. 
    Having said that, Evernote Web's options for image handling are just... well... none existent! I just can't get my head around the fact that Evernote offers nothing for endusers who need to use images in their text/lists. It's impossible. Try inserting an image in your text or list in Evernote... it is just remarkable that with today's web standards... Evernote just inserts our images at the very end of your document/note. Seriously... we are living in 2017. Look at OneNote from Microsoft... try the webversion: this webapp gives us all we need on images... you can drag them anywhere on the screen, resize them... place them inside tables, etc, etc.  Evernote, hello?

    Hopefully Evernote catches up. Thank you for considering this for a future version.

    Precisely because it's 2017, you don't need a proprietary database for your data when you have OCR-searchable, accessible, cross-platform, often open-source tools that utilize common file formats. I can see using Onenote - and perhaps even Evernote - as a project collaboration tool for a team, but for personal information storage, and long term data storage, a file system all the way, for me at least. I can take my notes using any number of tools, I can quickly find them using a number of tools, I can take web page clips using a number of tools, I can quickly copy documents using a number of tools, and I don't depend on any single tool anymore, because for every one I prefer, there's at least one or two more that do the same thing, and all of my files are in common file formats that don't require exporting or importing. It's been a really liberating experience.

  20. Just use GDrive. My biggest gripes with using GDrive as a data storage / retrieval solution are all Windows-related and don't apply to Chromebooks (since you have no choice anyway ;) ). Otherwise, between the Drive and Docs you get all of the features you need for class notes taking. Text search in PDFs and images, spreadsheets, sync with phones etc. Also Keep is great for short term notes. Check Kami for PDF annotation.

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