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  1. I had wiped all my data, since I thought I had the backup. I deleted the account. This is why I had to create a new one with that silly name. With few exceptions, most programs used to be terrible in handling formatted non-English text. I've had whole names in Outlook replaced by ???'s. So it's not like EN only fault. I've already emailed his widow the log (had to go through it and delete anything he wouldn't want her to see.. we've been corresponding for longer than they've been married). Thanks for help ! I will try an earlier version, just to see if it works.
  2. So, I found the file I kept in Word format up to 2011, looks like I will lose three years of records that only existed in Evernote. It seems that somehow, the encoding data got lost and the text was replaced by garbage characters. The last date in that record is October 2013. It has a sentimental value - basically, it contained copies of my Skype conversations (and before that, emails) with two of my closest childhood friends. I moved to States in my early 20s and we kept in touch regularly thanks to technology. One of them just died, very suddenly and far too young. I am preparing the transcript of all of our conversations - going back to the early 90s - to send to his family. It's only about 3 years missing, so not a major loss. It did reinforce the lesson I've learned years ago - don't rely on any one system, and make regular backups.
  3. Nope, no luck. It appears the text somehow got corrupted & the original info lost. No matter what I try I only see the ????'s. Hopefully I have at least an older backup somewhere.. the text in that note has literally been collected over the last two decades, so chances are I have at least some of it in one of my old backup CDs... just hope I still have one of these CDs.
  4. Hi all, I used Evernote for years before switching to Onenote and then moving all of my data to a file folder based system last year. I exported everything but kept my last enex backup file from 2014. I just had to look up some info I didn't use since at least then. The original note was in Cyrillic. When I opened it in Google Drive, it was all garbled with question marks instead of letters. So I downloaded EN for Windows and opened my backup and it's all garbled there too. I tried the usual stuff like changing fonts, trying to change encoding etc. to no avail. I know that the note was fine at least at some point because I added to it. Had anyone ever run into a similar problem, and found a fix ? I have a feeling that I'm SOL but thought I'd at least try asking. TIA !
  5. Precisely because it's 2017, you don't need a proprietary database for your data when you have OCR-searchable, accessible, cross-platform, often open-source tools that utilize common file formats. I can see using Onenote - and perhaps even Evernote - as a project collaboration tool for a team, but for personal information storage, and long term data storage, a file system all the way, for me at least. I can take my notes using any number of tools, I can quickly find them using a number of tools, I can take web page clips using a number of tools, I can quickly copy documents using a number of tools, and I don't depend on any single tool anymore, because for every one I prefer, there's at least one or two more that do the same thing, and all of my files are in common file formats that don't require exporting or importing. It's been a really liberating experience.
  6. Wow, I didn't even realize they had this product. Doesn't seem like it would fit well with their push for Onenote.
  7. Just use GDrive. My biggest gripes with using GDrive as a data storage / retrieval solution are all Windows-related and don't apply to Chromebooks (since you have no choice anyway ). Otherwise, between the Drive and Docs you get all of the features you need for class notes taking. Text search in PDFs and images, spreadsheets, sync with phones etc. Also Keep is great for short term notes. Check Kami for PDF annotation.
  8. Hi,

    Paragraph linking is a feature in Onenote.

    Outlining is also in Onenote but unlike Word, there isn't a way to create a TOC based on outline levels (none that I know of). But you can collapse and expand it and move parts of it around. However outlining is only available in desktop editions (i.e. the free Onenote2016 - not the Metro app in Windows store).

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