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  1. Hello Everyone, So I just wanted to follow up with what I found out -- I meant to do this Tuesday, but the week has somewhat run away from me. So I've talked with two consulting experts and here's what I've been taught: There can sometimes be some install issues in the Windows platform where things get the tiniest bit messed up and printing doesn't look quite normal (In my case especially printing to PDF). In that case there a couple of things that can be tried. The consultants recommended first using PDF Creator as the PDF generating software (I had been using Cute
  2. Thank you very much @DTLow, I'll shoot them a quick note and let you know what they say. **Edit: Just submitted a support request -- we'll see what all they say. Thank you everyone for kind help and suggestion.
  3. This is when I've taken my notes and go to "print" my notes to a PDF file. You can see the issues in print preview, and the PDF that results from it as well. The software I use to take notes is Evernote; the latest version.
  4. So I was recently introduced to Evernote by my boss, and I'm loving it. There's a bit of a learning curve, but with most software there usually is. I've been using it for my work, my hobbies, and now I'm using it to take notes as the secretary of a couple of groups I'm a part of. I generally take my notes on Windows 7 PC I have with me, sync up and then I'll go home where I have an OS X machine. When I'm taking notes on the Windows box, everything looks so crisp and clean and well organized, same story when I go home to my mac. I went to print to a PDF so I could e-mail the meeting notes
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