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  1. Seems to me they are letting this product die, for whatever reason. Just recently switched from PC to MAC, and was looking forward to Dark mode (which I got, and it's really nice) but at the same time losing the global keyboard shortcuts to copy text/images/files from anywhere in the OS. These hotkeys are at least 50 % of my workflow. Incomprehensible to exclude such basic functionality.
  2. Ok thanks for the specs @eric99. My machine is a bit older, runs a i7-2640M. Though the windows (ctrl+alt+n) appears much quicker now, guess guess it's because of updated Evernote client. Cheers
  3. Hi @jefito thanks for sharing your thoughts, these are undoubtedly valid arguments. From your description I realize that I use Evernote a bit differently. First of all I use the GTD method with 1-inbox, 2-next-action, 3-done [...] notebooks setup. This means I never use tags to indicate what actions "todo" etc but rather place the notes in different notebooks to keep track. Also I practically never delete any notes as they are all eventually archived in the notebooks 3-done or 9-archive. This way once I used a tag it will live forever since I never remove tags from notes and rarely deletes any notes. So for me the option to auto remove unused tags would be practical. But it should definitely be a checkbox in the preferences, since it would not suit everyone. Thanks for the tip about the "Delete all unused tags" in the help menu, I read about this somewhere else, but I am also a little bit scared of using it.. ^^
  4. It would be convenient indeed if the unused tags automatically disappeared. As for now, every time you misspell a tag and and accidentally press enter, you have to manually go and delete that tag in the tags list, or else that faulty tag will be suggested every time you start writing the correct tag. Hope there one day will be an option to change this behavior.
  5. What solved it for me (and others) was to log out of Evernote and login again (possibly in all places, web browser, plugin etc.). Maybe restart browser too. Hope it helps.
  6. Thanks so much for this tip, finally I have my dear ctrl+shift+b back in my life... (also used for showing/hiding the quick bookmarks field in Google Chrome). Please make sure the Hotkeys variable in the "C:\Program Files\TPFanControl\TPFanControl.ini" is set to 0 (also restart TPFanControl).
  7. Ok, thanks @eric99 for your feedback, what kind of computer are you running Evernote on? (Apple/Windows/processor/hardware etc.?)
  8. Ctrl-Alt-N works but is a little bit slow. I am running Evernote on my Windows 10 with Intel i7 processor and it takes between 1- 2 seconds before the New note window appears. It would be nice with a Quick Note feature in Windows just as there are for example in the Android App.
  9. @litlrooh have you changed your password recently? Please try to log in and out of Evernote in both the app and all your browsers and see if this solves the problem. It did for me.
  10. Cheers everyone, just wanted to say that I too solved my clipper problem by logging out from the app and in again (before this it showed the text "clipping" forever..). When I think about it I think I changed the password some time ago and the clipper does not seem to have got this until I logged out and in (Android + Evernote latest version).
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