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  1. Im using iPhone 13.1.3 and Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.5 OK thanks for the help. So I'm not really "blind" but the top-level (inviolable and upfront) pull-down for "recent" HAS been deleted. And a new (to me) circuitous route, that can easily become 'hidden' is offered for "experienced users". You can always (all too often now for Evernote) use Google for help, or wait for someone to offer help on the Evernforum. But if you want a simple app without googling for new workflow with every (groan) update, well that's "the old days"---- they're over. If you have gaps in your evernote usage, n
  2. Am I crazy? It seems like there was a pulldown shortcut called "recent notes". I can't find it anymore. Am I just blind, or has it been deleted? "Recent notes"should be an upfront option available in sidebars, upper main menus, everywhere someone might look for it. It's what you were last working on, it's a timesaver.
  3. OK thanks I didn't investigate that because reminders was the LAST thing on my mind. I just needed to find my notes, in a bad way. Thanks. Here's a pic of my travails. Hope it helps someone else (who's as dumb as me). I never used to have trouble using programs. Am I really getting that dumb or is program usability diminishing?
  4. I don't know what's happening. I have 13 notes in this notebook and can only get to one of them. It's NOT the one I need. I have an important task (to read some notes I wrote a couple years ago), and I cannot find the note I need to add to. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? ---->Note: the searchfield is blank/empty
  5. Thanks gazumped. Sounds like you don't open your Evernote many many times off-network? I do, that's why I need it so I have all my notes when I get back to network. Thanks for the "new window" tip. I looked for "new window" function under the "WINDOW" menu - it's not there. I found "New Evernote WIndow"under the "FILE" menu after your suggestion, THANKS, that helps a LOT. A TIP! -- RENAME your note before deleting it, because it's pretty easy to get confused and delete the WRONG one. I ended up deleting the "conflicting changes" notebook, which had my GOOD file in it but the D
  6. I have this problem often. I am the only contributor. The problem occurs when I make changes 'off-network'. This makes me leery of writing notes when 'off-network' because it might generate a "conflicting changes" notification, that I must then evaluate, with no tools. There is no "comparision" helper (to select the valid version). So these "conflicting changes" pile up, and then they get stale and I can't recall which was valid. I very much appreciate that Evernote informs me of a conflict, but NOT providing a way for me to evaluate conflicts is a PROBLEM. If I have to make a c
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