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  1. We are small group of evernote users. We share notes. We want to pass on work to each other. The idea is using tags. Tag all users that need to look at the note, because they have to do something. Example: John creates a note and shares it with Jim and Bob. he tags Jim because he has to do something. Jim has done his job and he untags himself, he wants to tag Bob now, because Bob needs to do something. Very simple i think. However....we have the following problem. Only the owner (John in this case) can tag the note. Jim and Bob cannot add tags to the note.... Is this the case always in any version, only for the basic version or are we doing something wrong? We are very happy to pay for evernote, but only if we can work in the way I described. If not, evernote is not the program we are looking for... I can not find any clear answer in the forum. Maybe someone can help me with this? Really appreciate it
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