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  1. I'm running version; I've started up my laptop this morning and I can see my notes just fine. All functionality is back to what it should be. If it happens again, I'll try the 'File - Exit'.
  2. I can't see the content of my notes except for in the preview. When I create a new note, I can only add a title, but I can't add content to it. When I close the new note, it doesn't get saved. This seems to be restricted to Windows only, I can open my notes on Android and see all their content.
  3. Hi, I think I synced my note right after taking the photos, but I'm not sure. At the time when the error occurred I didn't have access to the Web or Desktop versions; when I finally did, both those versions were the same as the mobile (with missing and broken images). So I just gave up. Only after this error, I found out about the option of saving photos to my phone's image gallery...
  4. Hi Community, So I created a new note yesterday on my phone, took some photos (through the note - no, the photos weren't saved to my phone), wrote some text. Then I saved the note, and when I came back to it shortly after, the first photo was broken, all other photos were gone, and some of the text was missing too. I can't seem to go back to the previous note version! Is there anything I can do to try and recover some of the note content? Thanks!
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