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  1. @Audbert , I saw here in the forum a workaround to retrieve the files, if you right click on the note and "save attachments" you will retrieve your missing files. @Scott T. This weekend I will share more details when I have some more time.
  2. You saved my day @BasieBand , thank you very much fo this tip.
  3. Hi Everyone, already opened a ticket with evernote but wanted to share with the community. I had a note with 5 pdf's, I right clicked in one of the pdf's and selected "annotate this pdf", after making some highlights and remarks I have clicked File-save and exit and the file just disappeared from the note. What is more bizarre is that at the bottom it shows ..."PDF:5.. but I only have 4 pdf's now in the note. Anyone had something happening like this? Evernote (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) windows 10 Thanks
  4. I will join to the people complaining about the new pdf viewer. I much prefer the in-line view of previous versions. It's impossible in majority of the cases to see the full pdf, then you are scrolling the note itself and it stops in the pdf window, and the lack of the icons to annotate or drag it's not reasonable. Although, I recognize that in the case where there are pdf with multiple pages in one note the pdf window is interesting and a good feature, but needs some work. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I am having some headaches with the new version of evernote web clipper on chrome, clipping in Gmail, appart from not having the search notebook anymore (already documented in a thread), I found that I am not able anymore to clip just attachments from a conversation. Before I was able to unselect all emails and it would show me all the attachments in the thread, I could then leave it like this or just leave selected the attachments I wanted to clip. This was useful because sometimes I have long threads of conversation where new attachments keep arriving, I was able to rapidly clip only the new attachments or the new messages + attachments or even just the new messages to clip. After last update I can't do it anymore, first the attachments show inside each email (leaving me not knowing exactly how many attachments I have in that thread), so if I unmark an email in a thread, I will not have access anymore to the attachment, appart from the PITA of having to check every single message to see if there's an attachment inside. Is there any possibility to roll back to a previous version of Web Clipper? Thank you in advance, Hugo
  6. I thought I was the only one having problems with this new version.. For me the search notebook name missing is a nonsense. also, before I was able to select only the attachments of an email in gmail and now I have always to select the email conversation together.. It's a PITA.. I have long threads where new docments keep arriving, before I was able to click the web clipper, unselect all the emails and select only the new attachments..
  7. I know this has been posted a while ago but I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone I definitely miss the ability to sync my spen notes with Evernote. Having said that, I have installed the SNote (good old one) with action memo. So majority of the times I just wake up the phone and use old action memo. Thanks
  8. This will be a very interesting feature, I would definitly use this.
  9. Hi folks, I started using evernote years ago, back to 2008, but for some reason it never convinced me completely, but I understood (kinda) the power of it and always sent a lot of stuff to it. The main problem is that I never understood how the tags worked, so i kept adding notes with a bunch of tags in a bunch of note books, so today, after 8 years, 3 of them as a premium user, I have a massive amount of notes that are not organized the way they should. Does anyone ever faced something similar or do you guys have any idea in how to organize these notes/tags without having to create a new account or something extreme? Thank you in advance,
  10. I will join my voice to this request, I am transferring my organization to Evernote and this would help.
  11. An update, I found the support link from evernote and opened a ticket, support number 1853329. Thanks once again
  12. Hi Matt, thanks again for the support, I waited for an update of the app before proceeding, unfortunately not even with the latest update (14/09) it improved. I don't seem to find any link in your signature, could you please point me to it? Thank you
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