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  1. Thanks for that info, I tested this and it works as you say, but these are in my opinion way too many steps, therefore I still really wish for that feature. As far as I know there is no equivalent feature like that for Windows, is there? Anyway, I think this should be directly in the note toolbar.
  2. Hello there I am missing a feature to take a screenshot within a note and add it to the position of the cursor or the end of the note. This button or whatever should be on the editing toolbar of the note. I am thinking it should go something like this (step by step). Click "take screenshot" button on the editing toolbar Note minimizes Crosshair for screenshot taking appears (similar to when you make a "new screenshot note") Select area to take screenshot of Screenshot is added to the position of the cursor or the end of the note Note maximizes again at the position of the new screenshot The option to take a "new screenshot note" is for me mostly not very useful, because it creates a new note every time and i mostly want to combine several screenshots into one note. Please consider adding something like this. Thanks and best regards, Leu
  3. Hello there Reminders on the desktop clients (at least I know about windows) are lacking some sort of notification, that is clearly visible when it matters. I mean, what is the point of setting up a time critcal reminder (since you have the option to do so) and not have it notify you in any useful way, when you are working at your desktop. Therefore I am suggesting some kind of notification that will stay visible until you deal with it. I would see several ways how this might be implemented (of course you should be able to turn it on or off). A Popup you have to click to remove it or a new menu option on the left where all reminders are visible and when one of the times is reached, the option turns red or something. or some other clearly visible way. Thanks and kind regards, Leu
  4. Hello It would be nice if the copy shortcut (e.g. Windows: Ctrl + C) on a note would copy the note link instead of the information it is currently copying (maybe this could become a new right click option). This would be more useful in my opinion, since I personally never needed that information that the copy shortcut (Ctrl + C on windows) currently gives me and often wanted to copy the actual note link to put it in another note. Kind regards, Leu
  5. Hello I would like to be able to set reccuring reminders on specific notes so that I can set up a note for recurring events that have to be dealt with. It would be nice if they could be set up in a way like: every 2 days every week every 2 weeks every month etc. Of course this could be even more specifc like: every last friday in the month. Kind regards, Leu
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