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  1. Hello It would be nice if the copy shortcut (e.g. Windows: Ctrl + C) on a note would copy the note link instead of the information it is currently copying (maybe this could become a new right click option). This would be more useful in my opinion, since I personally never needed that information that the copy shortcut (Ctrl + C on windows) currently gives me and often wanted to copy the actual note link to put it in another note. Kind regards, Leu
  2. Hello I would like to be able to set reccuring reminders on specific notes so that I can set up a note for recurring events that have to be dealt with. It would be nice if they could be set up in a way like: every 2 days every week every 2 weeks every month etc. Of course this could be even more specifc like: every last friday in the month. Kind regards, Leu
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