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  1. The web app Workflowy has the best implementation that I've seen so far. https://workflowy.com/
  2. +1. I use bulleted lists all the time in Evernote for lists/outlining. If they get longer than a "page" (what is visible on the screen at one time) or have more than a couple of levels of hierarchy it becomes a bear to try and read/write. You have to constantly scroll up/down to figure out where you are in the hierarchy. I've switched over to Workflowy for some of my lists, but I really wish I didn't have to have notes in multiple places. I have to constantly remind myself where it is. Did I put that in Workflowy or Evernote? This would seem to go against the Evernote brand tagline: Remember Everything. Please add this feature, Evernote!
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