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  1. Thank you. That does exactly what I need. A simple solution to my problem since I don't use any of the Evernote (note) or Evernote (document) features. Fujitsu has recommended a couple of workarounds including using Evernote's software from Evernote rather than Apple's Application Store version. Don't know why they wouldn't be synchronized.
  2. I went through the Sierra 10.12.1 betas and installed the general release yesterday. I am using Evernote Version 6.9.2 (454159 App Store). My initial problem hasn't changed when scanning from my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M. I get a pop-up stating that Evernote can't be opened (note that it has opened) and asks whether I want to keep my scan. My problem is addressed directly at Fujitsu has recommended a couple of workarounds. note: I will edit this posting to let you know if one of Fujitsu's recommendations to install the Evernote application directly from Evernote solves my problem. It would
  3. I have installed Sierra Golden Master and there has been no change to scanning to Evernote as originally reported. I did successfully scan to Google Docs which may indicated that it is not a ScanSnap issue.
  4. I didn't want to cross-post a whole thread, but I installed Sierra Public Beta 7 this morning and still can not scan from my S1500M. The scan is saved, Evernote is opened, but the scan is not transferred. Check the above thread for additional details or maybe a moderator could merge the two topics.
  5. I updated to Public Beta 7 this morning but am still unable to scan to Evernote (Document) from my S1500M. I am happy to report that ScanSnap Version 6.8 (453749 App Store) printed to Evernote (Document) from Safari Version 10.0 (12602. using the latest Public Beta 7 Version 10.12 Beta (16A313a). I am sorry that I do not recall if printing to Evernote had ever stopped working.
  6. ScanSnap does not scan to Evernote 3.2.80 with the latest Public Beta 6 [10.12 Beta (16A304a)]. It scans to my selected destination and opens Evernote but does send the file with the following pop-up error message: Failed to start up Evernote for Mac. A separate application called "Scan to Evernote (Document) shows up on my dock. I supposed it showed up before and went away...now it stays open. I missed the first couple of Public Betas so can't confirm that it worked in Public Beta 2 then stopped working.
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