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  1. Thank you all so much - clearly I've set up my free account wrong in some way or another.... none of my notes show up on Evernote Web... or on my iPhone.... I'm sure it's operator error.... will attempt to figure it out later or tomorrow - too stressed right now and not confident that even if I DID upgrade that it would work due to something I've done wrong
  2. I know what auto lock is.... but now I can't find how to disable it on my iPhone 6s... I think I need to breathe and try to deal with all of this tomorrow
  3. Auto lock? lol - clearly not as tech savvy as I like to think I am
  4. OK - it's not working - I've downloaded the app - but it's only showing about 10 of the 3000 notes I have... I'm too stressed to try to figure out what the heck I've screwed up
  5. Thank you SO much!!! I haven't downloaded Evernote to my iPhone - I didn't realize I could and still use the free version (lol)... You have NO idea what a relief this is to know.... It's not that I PLAN to do business when I'm there - but without my 3000+ notes? EEEK
  6. Hi all - I use the free version of Evernote and love it.... but (and sorry for personal info here) my mother is ill and I'm going to be headed to the Bay Area to help her out for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. That said - this is my question - If I upgrade my free version to Plus - can I just download the app on her computer and access the notebooks that are on my PC? Would that work? Do I have to do anything special on my PC HERE before I do that? Alternatively (or additionally) can I download the app to my iphone and have access?? I have a few days before I need to go -
  7. Good morning - I've been using Evernote for about 6 months and love it - such a fabulous way to keep everything organized. We're considering upgrading to add a couple more users. If we do that - can each person use the stand-alone program (like I do on my desktop) to share notes OR do we have to use web based Evernote? I'm guessing that if 5 team members are using the stand alone program we can share notes directly? I realize this is probably a VERY basic question....
  8. OK - I'll keep searching on how to define notebooks as local - thanks
  9. I do believe that I have auto syncing turned off... not sure if I have notebooks defined as local... sorry...
  10. I'm relatively new to Evernote and am very happy with it's performance. I do, however, have an issue. I don't need to sync over multiple devices - Just need to organize, tag, note about 2500 PDF files on a single computer. Early on in my testing it for my use I received a pop-up notification that I had reached my monthly limit - about 60mb I believe and that if I wanted to be able to sync I'd have to upgrade. I don't need to sync - but that error/pop-up seems to stop my ability to tag/note any further files until I do upgrade. Do I have to upgrade to be able to use the product on one mach
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