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  1. 번역 해주겠습니다. Topic: Right after Double-Clicking, open a new window. Recently whenever I double-click, a new window doesn't open and it opens the content in my current window. However I would like to request a function where after double-clicking, a new window opens with the content.
  2. To make this more main stream for normal use, having scratch paper or a place to stick quick reference notes for a lengthy paper would be good for document construction. Having a space for footers or a lexicon or key word area would be useful when dealing with unfamiliar topics or things to keep in mind in the context of the document.
  3. When playing D&D or any other pen and paper game, a lot of windows are open at the same time and due to the linearity of note taking, a lot of CTRL+F and scrolling is also involved...which isn't really productive. When using books (and PDFs), you can bookmark certain sections for quick access but this feature is absent in Evernote. I'd like us to be able to create bookmarks quick reference. Also I think there should be a thing called the "Quick-Ref Drawer" (patent pending :P). At the bottom of the note we should be able to create a space by clicking a + button. This works like frames
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