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  1. Dear GURU, Thank you for your help! I've tried to revoke the account iphone(iphone), but when I log in again, it still shows up iphone(iphone) but iphone(WUWU). Do you mean iphone(WUWU) is different account with iphone(iphone)? if it's possible to get the password if I forget? thank you!
  2. Hi there, As my attached pic, I usually use the device-WUWU on my iPhohe. but when I tried to syn the content to my computer today, my iPhone was showing the content of device-iPhone instead of device-WUWU...... I think device-iPhone is another account in my computer, so how could I delete it and restore my device-WUWU? thanks..!
  3. 本來手機上是使用裝置WUWU的 最近想要同步電腦,只使用裝置WUWU就好,但登入後卻連不回去,只顯示裝置IPHONE.......... 裝置IPHONE應該是之前電腦登入過,都沒在使用(裡面沒有筆記), 有試圖撤銷裝置IPHONE,重新登入後還是跑出裝置IPHONE 請參考圖片,目前有顯示兩個裝置 請問怎麼把裝置IPHONE刪掉,回復成原本的裝置WUWU?? 謝謝!
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