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  1. Posting again...

    Latest Evernote 7.5.2 update for macOS does NOT fix this annoying display problem!

    When seemingly obvious problems like this persist and go uncorrected after a number of updates I do worry about what's going on internally at Evernote.

    My setup: macOS 10.14, 2012 MacBook Air


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  2. 10/2/18- I also have this problem and it's Evernote's fault. Their designers must have placed improper transparency values for certain design elements in the List Views. You can see this for yourself if you have "Reduce Transparency" or "Increase Contrast" unchecked (System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Reduce Transparency), and then set "View Options" in Evernote to either "Side List View" or "Top List View."  This System Preference setting will prevent those black artifacts from occurring, as mentioned above, but you'll now be able to see unwanted transparency within the list column, which should NOT be there. Come on, Evernote, please fix this soon!

    macOS 10.14, 2012 MacBook Air

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  3. Couple of bugs being reported elsewhere:

    1) CRITICAL: Deleting a note with v.8.0 iOS app seems to delete it permanently, it's not moved to "Trash." 

    2) Alphabetical sorting issue with lists that involves capitalization: "AB" sorts prior to "Aa". NOT desirable and hopefully a bug. Anyone else seeing this? I'm sure this was NOT the behavior in prior versions, it certainly does not sort that way with desktop app.

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