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  1. I can't move notebooks to a new space in my MacOS 7.0.2, the options appears deactivated... I really don't want to create dozens of new notebooks and move all the notes afterwards...
  2. Are you experiencing problems with the first versions of Spaces?
  3. Hi, I want to be able to 'seal' a shared note in my business by changing the permissions to 'can only view'. I can do it for a whole notebook but not for an individual note in a shared notebook with default permissions set to 'can edit and view'. Is there any way around this? Thanks, Luis
  4. Hey everyone, My desktop Evernote has the option of 'convert to business notebook' inactivated. Otherwise I can access my business account normally and all functionality seems fine. Any ideas?? Thanks
  5. Hey I am having sync problems with the mac version, basically... it only syncs after initiating Evernote, but not any further changes!! The sync button doesn't respond and the sync shortcut in the menu shows inactive (in grey)... Any ideas??
  6. Totally agree, I was going to suggest some adjustable icon size like there is for images, or maybe a more reasonable limit of characters like 30 or 40 (I am just saying random numbers here) which allows for most files to show their full name
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I added some more text!
  8. Hi, I am wondering if we will soon be able to see full names for the files attached when in "view as attachment" mode, instead of whatever number of characters fit within the icon. See for example how it looks for a collection of attached pdf articles that I consider relevant for a note: I love attaching all kinds of documents to my notes, but the inability to identify them easily is quite annoying and makes me want to still use finder-explorer for file management. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
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