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  1. Dear Evernote Team, I had premium for a year. It expired, so now i get the dialog to upgrade as i used Evernote on more than 2 devices in the past. As soon as the dialog opens my CPU goes into overdrive and nothing goes anymore. I can neither upgrade to premium nor can i select the 2 devices. So right now i cannot access my content at all (aside from the web-interface which is total ***** in my opinion). Please.Fix.This. That i am now stuck on a upgrade screen (where you want me to pay, but i can't even if i wanted to) just can be described as a critical, catastrophical bug and i kind of do not think i am the only one with it. I really like Evernote and do not think that Onenote is a valid replacement in any way, but you are making it really really really hard to not accept other products shortcomings right now. In general i saw a decline in usability in your product in the last 2-3 years. Accessing notebooks is a ui-nightmare come true. From time to time the performance on mac goes down the drain. It was better in the past. Much better. With UI i can live, but with such bugs and permanent performance issues i cannot. If you want to convince your users to pay more, i suggest you stop making new features for now and making what is there work in a good and fast way first. This seems to be a general trend in software development (or better said marketing) right now. The thoughts that you need at least 25 new features with each release. You are wrong. You don't. One of the best Apple OS X releases ever was Snow Leopard. There were virtually no new features at all. They cleaned it up. They made it faster. They made it more stable. They made it use less disk space. Everyone was happy. Be like Apple (was): make your users happy...then they will also not complain as much if you want a bit more money from them. Regards, a not so happy customer right now, that however still thinks that your product is the best in it's category out there...
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