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  1. I had 2FA enabled on my phone, but a problem with switching to a new phone and Authy not sending the data across phones forced me to disable and re-enable the 2FA authentication. So I disabled 2FA using the old phone. No problem here. But now that I want to setup 2FA on the new phone, after confirming my email, the verification code that should be sent to the new phone is not working (and no, the old phone doesn't have my chip anymore, so it is not receiving the code). I've done the same process with a couple of other services (Google, Twitter, WhatsApp) and everything
  2. Yup, for a long time. And with Evernote Mac getting slower and slower and more and more memory hungry, there are very few options there.
  3. Just did that. No change. I opened a support ticket to figure out what the heck is going on...
  4. I thought about that but... What will prevent that, in a year, I'm back to 25Gb (without ever enabling offline folders)?
  5. Can I kinda "hijack" this discussion? I mean, I'm not going to delete Evernote on my Phone, but I was checking the storage and it's currently using 25Gb of storage. And I have no offline folders. So... it's not a very little data. It's a freaking ton of data (for something that it's storing nothing). Any explanations for this?
  6. I just updated and, although it is working fine, there are two things that are annoying me: On the iPad, the sidebar cuts the device name + WiFi indicator + Network indicator. it makes really hard to see that there is some network going on. The icon has a count indicator but there is no indication of what it is counting. Is it the number of reminders? The reminders for the day? Work chat? WHAT? If you're going to use the count badge, at least point in the app what I should check.
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