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  1. I have been working with a real estate firm and the only solution that I was able to implement was: 1. Create a shared Notebook (shared with all agents) called Agents Inbox 2. Create a Notebook for each agent (ex. @John-Doe) 3. Contracts and other documents are shared via the Agent Inbox 4. Forms and company-wide documents are shared via their personal inbox I have found this to work well. The notes can be collaborated on and edited if shared with those rights.
  2. Just worked with a client using Chromebook today and ran into this issue. Here's our work-a-round: Sender created a shared link and sent it via the chat Receiver clicked the link and it opened via the web browser Clicked "Save to Evernote" in upper right corner Now they have a shared (updating) working copy in their notes. Hope this helps.
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