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  1. I have been working with a real estate firm and the only solution that I was able to implement was: 1. Create a shared Notebook (shared with all agents) called Agents Inbox 2. Create a Notebook for each agent (ex. @John-Doe) 3. Contracts and other documents are shared via the Agent Inbox 4. Forms and company-wide documents are shared via their personal inbox I have found this to work well. The notes can be collaborated on and edited if shared with those rights.
  2. Sorry but had to crop this screen shot. It shows the permissions. Glad to help.
  3. Just worked with a client using Chromebook today and ran into this issue. Here's our work-a-round: Sender created a shared link and sent it via the chat Receiver clicked the link and it opened via the web browser Clicked "Save to Evernote" in upper right corner Now they have a shared (updating) working copy in their notes. Hope this helps.
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