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  1. PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE: Please develop a product (similar to the discontinued Moleskine Daily Planner), that would allow us paper-calendar/planner lovers to integrate our calendars & schedules with Evernote & Outlook/Calendars/ICal. Here are my specific requested features/options: I would like to be able to write (on paper/old-school) my daily agenda/plan and to-dos on a hard copy daily (hour-by-hour) planner. I want to be able to scan that planner page, and have it sync with Evernote. I then want Evernote to convert that text (via OCR) into digital format
  2. Two requests for PDFs and Adobe Acrobat Files: I would love to see an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) add in so I can clip Acrobat files/PDFs as notes. Additionally, and similarly, I would like to have a way to attach a PDF as a note (as requested here as well: Piggy-Backing)-
  3. PLEASE add the option to prevent the redundant popup window that appears after we have clipped an email. I posted a jpg showing the three steps that must currently be taken to clip an email - it should be shorter/easier and more customizable. For me, the purpose of the email clipper is to clip/save an email into a certain folder for quick and easy action/follow up/review at a later date. At present, there are three steps (which isn't exactly quick or streamlined): Clip the "save to Evernote" button in the top toolbar (I'm using Outlook 2016/Office 365 on Windows 7 Pro for reference). -
  4. Upvoted, I would ALSO love to see a PDF/Adobe Add-In!
  5. Agreed. Any steps to keep flow smooth would be helpful. There are several features that require multiple / unnecessary steps (i.e. the 2nd popup we get when clipping emails - I just posted this suggestion as well.) I like this idea to have the ability to search and link, either via the context area (or elsewhere) or via brackets! Upvoted.
  6. Can we please add a Moleskine-specific forum page? It applies to all platforms so would make sense to have a specific forum for that.
  7. I would like to see the following features made available to really make my Evernote Moleskines work for my needsd. 1) I want to be able to draw a to do list (check box followed by task), and then have the ability to take a photo and have it digitally converted to a typed checklist into evernote. I would also like the ability to update this list by checking off or 'x'ing out boxes on my checklists. 2) I would like the ability to tag items in my Moleskine without the need for stickers. Hashtags would be a good solution. 3) I would like to see if these features can be inte
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