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  1. Hi @ChrstnMchl, I'm having the same dilemma like you. Surely using Skitch would be good but when it come to fill a form in PDF like to sign a signature, i think other app would be good like Adobe or even Write To PDF. As you know, the problem is, once you edited the doc, it will not auto save the PDF in the note but instead save in the internal storage of the phone. And you need to re-attach it to note again, which is tedious. Still looking a way which app or other solution to this. Docusign is a good tool but have to pay if you are a frequent user to send document to get signature. If you come out with a solution to this, let me know. The feel is vice versa too.
  2. Hi there, I got this question from my potential customer and not sure about it. If an admin in EB appointed another user to become an admin, does the new admin able to remove the old admin from the account? Also, when a customer sign up the EB plan with another 30 users to be registered, does the admin account consider as part of 30 users or not (meaning total account will be 31)? Have a nice day!
  3. I'm a windows user. It's is true that you have to relogin your Evernote is you want to see the sorting works. I think development team should check this bug.
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