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  1. @gazumped good news! There was no way for my app to communicate with anything. I gave up because the files were old and I hadn't used them recently anyway. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. All the apps were there, including ones I added on the app on my phone that had never synced, and now I'm up and running. Not sure what the actual issue was, but I appreciate the help!!
  2. @gazumped it won't sync either! So if I uninstall and reinstall will I lose all of those notes?
  3. I'm getting an error on my Kindle Fire HD after not using my Evernote app in a while that says "you don't have enough space on your device to create new notes." I have more than enough space on my kindle and I have deleted videos to make more space. I can't create new note or edit my old. How can I fix this??
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