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  1. Having an issue regarding the onscreen keyboard covering the bottom of the note:
  2. Gazumped, this can't be the way Evernote is supposed to work. I've also had this issue while using an external keyboard, so that is not a full-proof solution. This has also happened on more than one iPad for me, so it's not device-specific.
  3. I've seen issues with this in earlier updates, but it's an issue that continues to plague me unfortunately. I am using an iPad Air 2 with the onscreen keyboard. I'm on the latest iOS and current Evernote version. However, when I am typing notes, about 50% of the time the onscreen keyboard covers the bottom of the note. I am still able to type onto the note, but I'm not able to see what I'm typing. Sometimes if I quit the app and reload it, the issue is resolved. But not all the time. Thoughts?
  4. I'm glad to see this is not an isolated issue for me. I am experiencing it currently with an iPad Air 2 running latest versions of iOS and Evernote. The virtual keyboard (not split) covers the bottom of the note, where I am typing. I am unable to see what I am typing, which makes it almost impossible to use.
  5. I've been using Evernote to manage my supervisor's notes for years, but I constantly run into the same issue again and again. Often, I need to paste a bulleted list into Evernote. Below the bulleted list, I make space for additional notes. However, after I paste the list, the text below is indented with no bullets. I'm unable to decrease this indent. As a result, notes move closer and closer to the right with no way to correct this. Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?
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