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  1. Evernote suddenly started pasting in extra blank spaces when I paste text into the search bar in the Find>Search Note (cmd F) feature. After I paste text into the search bar, the word that I paste in the search bar appears like it isn't there, but if I press the left arrow or the delete key, I can move/delete past the extra blank space and the word appears. I have recently started using a text expander to automatically paste a search word into the finder bar and hit enter to jump to the next instance of that word that I use as anchor points in long notes. This had been working fine for several weeks, and then all of a sudden now the extra blank spaces appear making the text expander macro not work. I had to modify my text expander code so now it deletes the extra spaces before hitting enter to jump to the next instance of the word. So, I have a workaround, but I would like to know what the problem is, to begin with. The blank spaces also appear when I paste anything into the search bar, so I know it must not be my text expander that is doing it. Also, Evernote does not appear to paste in the extra spaces if I am pasting within the note itself, just the search bar when searching inside the note. It doesn't even paste the extra spaces in the search bar on the top of the Evernote application, just the search bar for searching within a specific note. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on how to fix it?
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