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  1. What EN developers need to understand is that some of us need to work with ALL our EN data local , as we do not always have access to the net.
  2. I came on here to find out why I cannot get the Web app to load. A 1000 note limit, they have got be joking! Where on earth did that idea come from? I use EN as a depository for all things important, and archive them using multiple tags. I have over 23,000 notes!. Edit. Rabbits post re note limit of 1000 is wrong. I have now accessed the 23k + notes in the web app. Much relieved
  3. Brilliant. In ran that script using EN legacy with my MAC set to dark mode, and I cured the issue of the EN search box whiting out. Thanks
  4. So having read the above I decided to revert to the Legacy Software, only to find the following: “Evernote Legacy.app” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. Sorted by going to finder and opening from there via a right click choose open click
  5. Since today's update to v 10.2.4 build 458360 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.21.2 I can no longer drag a note on to my second screen or on to the same screen but as a separate window. This has killed my workflow. Any thoughts, am I missing something? Thanks Chris 17.13 2/11/2020 Found the answer. There are options behind ... which include open in new window. No idea if it was there before, but it gets round the lack of drag and drop
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