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  1. If anyone else has this happen to them, make sure that you back up all your recent notes in the Evernote folder of the Remember app before reauthorizing. As in, copy and paste the contents of each note elsewhere. Once you reauthorize Evernote, everything in that folder will be replaced by the latest synced version of each note and all changes you made since the authentication expired will be disregarded. Nothing will be saved in the "Conflicting Changes" notebook either.

    Anyway, the Evernote integration in the Remember app from BlackBerry 10 still works fine. It looks like nothing changed in te API.

  2. Hello,

    Did anything happen to the API recently that would prevent the Remember app in BlackBerry 10 from syncing? My Evernote for Windows client and Evernote Web haven't updated in two weeks, but I've kept updating my Evernote notes in the Remember app.

    Interestingly, the official Evernote app for BlackBerry 10 still syncs even though support was discontinued a while back.


  3. There seems to be a bit of confusion here. Let me try to set the record straight about our options for continued support for Evernote on BlackBerry 10:

    • BlackBerry 10 users will still be able to use Evernote on their BlackBerry 10 devices with the Remember app, which is not affected by discontinued support for the Evernote app.
    • If they already have the Evernote app installed, BlackBerry 10 users will still be able to use the Evernote app after support is discontinued.
    • It is indeed possible that somebody might post the .bar file for the Evernote app on a BlackBerry forum somewhere on the internet. BlackBerry 10 users would need to use computer software like Sachesi to actually install the .bar file on their BlackBerry 10 device – a straightforward and quick process once you know how to do that. However, pulling a .bar file directly from BlackBerry World is not something that I or most anybody can do, so I wouldn't keep your hopes up for that.
    • I just checked and an Android version of the Evernote app is available for download for BlackBerry 10 devices on the Amazon Appstore, which is pre-installed on BlackBerry 10 devices. BlackBerry 10 users will still be able to use Evernote on their BlackBerry 10 devices with the Android version of the Evernote app installed through the Amazon Appstore.
    • BlackBerry 10 users should also be able to use Evernote on their BlackBerry 10 devices with more recent Android versions of the Evernote app by installing an .apk file found on other Android app stores such as Aptoide. Installing an .apk file on a BlackBerry 10 device is as easy as installing an .apk file on an Android device.

    For me, there are two big questions that have been left unanswered. I hope an Evernote employee can answer these:

    • Will the Evernote app be removed from search results in BlackBerry World, de-listed or pulled from the store completely? If the Evernote app is merely removed from search results, all BlackBerry 10 users should still be able to navigate to https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/1700/ on their BlackBerry 10 device (with the Desktop Mode setting in the Browser app disabled) to download the app. If the Evernote app is removed from search results or de-listed, we BlackBerry 10 users who previously downloaded the app should also still be able to navigate to BlackBerry World --> My World --> My Apps & Games --> Available on our BlackBerry 10 devices to download the app.
    • Will the Evernote app still count towards the 2-device limit after support is discontinued? If the native Evernote app will no longer be supported on BlackBerry 10, it's unfair to still have this app apply to the 2-device limit.

    Finally, I just want to say that it really is a shame that Evernote is discontinuing support for their native BlackBerry 10 app. I like to use both the Remember app and the Evernote app on my device to manage my Evernote notes since each has its own advantages that help keep me from accidently deleting portions of a note. It is a little safer to read your notes with the Evernote app since you can look at a note before you start to edit it. It is a little safer to edit your notes with the Remember app since you can discard changes you made, while the Evernote app forces you to save such changes. The Evernote app is also better at moving text back and forth between your BlackBerry 10 device and other devices since you can manually trigger a sync, which makes the process quicker.

    It's particularly disappointing that we were given just three days' notice for discontinued support. Sometime in late May or early June, a bug crept into the Evernote app in which the snippet view giving a preview of the first words in a note stopped displaying in notes updated since the bug appeared. This should be fixed before support is discontinued.

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