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  1. Hello. I've already satisfied the rules yet I still haven't been rewarded with any points at all. So far, I have confirmed two successful referrals from my colleagues creating an account in Evernote from the link I sent to them. Now, they have Evernote installed in their devices.
  2. Hi, I had just encouraged two of my colleagues to sign up for an Evernote account and install the same on their respective devices through Evernote referral. Regarding this, I have just checked my available points but it had shown that it is still zero. My first referral have been more than a week ago yet no point was credited to my account. I wish this issue could be fixed the soonest.
  3. That is so cool! I have already got 20 by now! Thank you. Can I track to whom referrals were successful?
  4. I have just confirmed a successful referral to one of my friends. He had created his own Evernote account and already installed the app in his own android tablet. I am sure that I have already satisfied the criteria as how a successful referral is confirmed. After this, I check on my points and I still had zero, which is I know, should have gotten up to 10 points because of my successful referral. What happened to my supposedly earned points? Am I still missing anything?
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