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  1. Wow, I was wondering why I couldn't edit my encrypted notebook but I could on my tablet (that was long ago though). I thought I had something wrong in my settings or I couldn't figure it out. All along, it was a flaw in the web configuration. And many months and a whole year and half later, there still is no resolution. Unbelievable! Has there been a mass exodus of people from tech? Come to think of it, I'm sort of surprised Evernote hasn't been bought out by a bigger tech company such as Microsoft. Today before reading this thread, I clicked on a popup menu to decrypt (I suppose it was permanent). Now I cannot even encrypt the highlighted text as instructed in the Help answer. So much for that encryption tool. I remember the troubles that cropped up from an updated version where there was a host of problems experienced widespread. And increasingly in a push for members to upgrade to premium subscription, now I'm limited to accessing my account with syncing to only 2 devices. Truth be told, I haven't been using Evernote, as I want to consolidate my notes to Google. Many years ago, there was such a problem with the syncing between devices that too many conflicted note files were created. That caused extra work for me to find the discrepancies in the text. I'm trying to organize my notes and hopefully transfer to an alternative to Evernote. On the upside, Evernote does not delete my account due to a set period of inactivity. Whew!
  2. I've been meaning to reply earlier but got sidetracked which speaks to the first reference. Anyhow, I don't know the sales on the virtual assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, but somehow, at least for me, those aren't quite up to the task unless they can also move furniture. I guess what I need is all-around personal assistant without a need for background check. I would uninstall and reinstall but actually the area that was the final deal breaker was the functioning on my tablet. Sure, my tablet isn't any name brand (aren't they all made in China anyway?) without the beefed up processor, bells and whistles, etc. But I also have Google Document installed on the same tablet. It didn't stall or lag in the typing as Evernote did. I have a reluctant relationship with Google so haven't embraced it fully as I probably should, even though Gmail was among the first email server after AOL (who's that??) basically near Google's rise in its Internet domination. I guess it's a dance with the devil which I have to submit to some privacy mining (which is a pervasive issue throughout the net...hello IPs selling our data as if their so-called bundles aren't enough of a cash cow). But as I mentioned before, I think I should consolidate not only my life (simplicity!) but my digital activities. Truth be told, Google has a lot of useful apps and I've been relying on Google Drive for various documents for some time. When I can get my act or personal assistant together, I will add Google Keep (hey, I kind of like my corruption of "Keeper" as a brand name more). With all of that said, I really appreciate your solid advice, comments and suggestions. You were a great help when that whole new Evernote version caused issues for many of us. Apparently, at least with the lagging, there seems to be lingering problems.
  3. Gazumped, You've dug right into the underlying situation on point. For some time, Evernote was my go-to as it fit my bill for my needs. After that update with the latest version which caused a host of us problems with the transportation of our files to the newer directory (didn't understand the need for the shift either as the updated version could access that former directory) and the constant freezing, that was when it was "broken" for me. With the archived messages and your suggestions, along with some ideas of my own, I was able to copy the database with all my files (including those lingering conflicting ones) to the newer location. But what still persisted was the freezing. And that was the deal-breaker for me. I moved over to Google Drive (actually I've always used Google Drive as my primary document station but for those spur-of-the-moment or faster access I had relied on Evernote) and installed it on my tablet, which I've found didn't have the lagging that turned me off with Evernote (regardless of working with the laptop or tablet). It's not perfect but it does what I want. Oh, I haven't actually used Google Keep yet. I was reading around of reviews of OneNote, Evernote and Google Keep more as convincing myself if I needed to keep OneNote on my laptop (I try to clean out the unused apps). On second thought, I think Google Keep is more of the quick memo function kind of program than the archived documents of length that I typically use those word processing/creating documents and archiving. One overriding mission is related to my travels. I'd like an easier, more efficient and convenient format for tracking my day-to-day visits. But I've been putting traveling on hold for some time so it's been moot. Anyhow, good advice and perspective on your part around. It relieves some angst for me in not scrambling around mentally in keeping up. Well, at least in this area, the rest... I could use a professional organizer.
  4. Thank you for your comments (it's all enlightening)! Nope. I actually hate Microsoft's OneNote/OneDrive. Of course it's all preloaded on Windows 10 so I want to uninstall all of it. But I'm so behind on all of that stuff. The time I was trying out OneNote on Windows 98 (I know, yikes) I thought the interface was too cluttered (it's not as clean as Evernote's) or intuitive. Though I have reservations with Google (mainly as the Goliath and its history of privacy intrusions of users, but hey, that's the cost of free programs to an extent), I sort of been "raised" on Google when I first signed up with Gmail. As Google expanded its apps and tools, I have pretty much jumped all the way on board encamped. So, I use its Google Drive and all its extensions...well, not all, especially the subscription services (hey, I'm too reliant on freebies) as in the media stuff. I understand the utility of tags but it's not something I rely on. I just stick with the plain search for keywords without labels. And I organize my notes into separate folders. But I know I haven't taken advantage a bulk of the tools and features available (kind of like that urban myth about people using only 10% percentage of their brains). I'm juggling information overload, technology evolution, proliferation of entertainment diversions, dwindling time, etc. It makes me feel like my bucket list is overflowing Alas, I digress. Back on track, I have read reviews of Google Keeper which I do like the option to scan anything and the text becomes searchable (that's definitely something I do need for my archives). I know Evernote has a scanning feature, too, but again I haven't delved into it. I got derailed with the other issues of Evernote.
  5. Actually, your message is informative for me. Truth be told, I haven't been relying on Evernote for my current memo-taking for some months. As you and others have highlighted the lag and/or freeze, I got too frustrated by the delayed response from my typing to the text appearing on my note. Granted, back then I was on an outdated laptop with hardware problems. So, I could maybe excuse Evernote but from that message you quoted, it's not necessarily limited to my old (and now retired) laptop. Since then, I got a newer laptop with up-to-date resources but I haven't installed Evernote on it (what with the limit of 2 devices for non-paying members). So, that was one deterrent. The other dissuading factors were that typing lag and freeze-up, along with the problem of conflicting notes created when changes weren't synced sequentially between devices. I think since then the Evernote updated version has addressed that conflicting note duplication but I still have to set aside time to reconcile the conflicting notes that are in my folders. (I'm like a hoarder with digital information and don't want to lose any changes across notes.) All in all, I just didn't want to deal with it and have left my Evernote aside for another document processing/creation program which does a much better job in ensuring changes are automatically synced (to be fair, I haven't been using multiple devices at the same time with it as I did with Evernote; I'd keep a note open in the tablet and on the laptop at the same time - or some confusing practice - which led to those conflicts). I still have to put up with some lagging on the other document program but I've realized as the file got too big, it started bogging down. My workaround is to just open a new document (my documents really aren't notes per se but more of journals or "books"). I haven't totally abandoned Evernote, as I believe I haven't fully tested out the newer features. For now, I've switched over to another program (don't know if it's kosher here to mention competitors but anyone can guess it's the big kahuna in the industry).
  6. As a followup to my earlier freezing problem and I doubt my comment will help SlinkyPaladin but it may be food for thought, I haven't experienced the unresponsive Evernote since the initial updating of that version (I have been receiving notice of another newer version but have put off the switch so far). As I've mentioned in my stream of posts (which I kind of forgot what I wrote without having to skim over my own posts), I didn't do anything for the fix. It just seemed to resolve itself. With that said, I still have a lag in the typing of text appear on the note sometimes. It'll take a few seconds for the typed text to be add onto the note. But truth be told, I am having such problems with my laptop alone that it's unlikely an issue with Evernote but the freezing on the laptop alone. (If you want to read an even weirder happenstance "fix" for the freezing/lockup with my laptop, I have my laptop propped up on small blocks on the back corners and the bottom of the laptop under the touchpad section sitting on the edge of the wood magazine file. It must be something to do with a loose connection in that area because once the laptop gets going the cursor won't move, which freezes the laptop, and the only way I can get the laptop and the cursor going is to ensure my hand is on the palm rest applying some pressure. Well, that was better than the previous "fix" of tapping hard on the laptop in one of those slapping a malfunctioning machine and thinking that's the technical repair. In any event, yes, I am in midst of buying a new laptop because those "solution" surely can't be relied on as permanent.) I will say that sometimes it's confusing of which new development is the cause of a problem. My laptop started acting up when Firefox updated with a new version. And the web surfing was the first to show problems. It got progressively worse until I realized it had to be a mechanical problem and not anything related to virus, malware, software updates, etc. To somehow get back on track to Evernote's issues for SlinkyPaladin, I would try to look into any conflicts (no specifics I can offer), check the CPU for high usage which can indicate a system conflict somewhere, try to minimize the number of running programs to provide more resources for Evernote (it's a huge program that takes a lot of the CPU memory)... Good luck!
  7. I apologize for my seeming stream of consciousness monologue with myself. But since my last post, I have an addendum to my report of the lockup issues with Evernote. After the latest series of "oh no" issues with the replicating of the same note in some kind of stuttering saving of that note (keep it to one please!), I tested out the Windows-based Evernote for its stability. Whew, I'm relieved to report good news that somehow Evernote freezing has been resolved. I first tested out with a new note to check whether that file would send Evernote into conniption. Nope. Then I tested one of the notes that did lead to the hangup and I was able to add more text without that problem (though sometimes the text appearing on the note still lags a few seconds). I don't know what steps fixed the problem since I didn't tweak anything on my end. Didn't mess with the database file(s) as that would make me very nervous in the prospect of losing my files permanently (yes, backup, backup, backup). Didn't uninstall then reinstall. And I don't believe there was any auto program update either. However, I tried to follow some of the suggestions about setting the context and sync options but those customized settings weren't available to me (I have the free version) so didn't change anything in the tools options. The only difference is that I did log onto my web account and added the text modifications directly to the web-saved notes. And I did sync in one day more than I have in the past month (whoo, maybe I shouldn't confess that). I kind of like these self-fixes but maybe I shouldn't say that or I'll jinx myself. Plan B shall be put on the back burner for now. Creature of habit here. But I will need to set aside time and devote full attention and effort in comparing those multiple copies of the same notes and deleting the bad copies.
  8. Okay, so I have resorted to adding entries to my note files on my web account instead of using the app on my Windows-based laptop. I thought I had a workable alternative until I figure out the problem with the constant and persistent hangup with the Windows version Evernote. So much for being a cockeyed optimist. The web version was buggy with its lag: I'd switch to different note by clicking on the note title in the left-hand margin index and the content of that note would stay back while the previous note content lingered or become blank. But that was more of a wait-and-see problem which I could manage. Then I added more text to one note and afterward I got a message the changes couldn't be saved. No matter since the modification was a short passage I could reconstruct from memory. What was more of a nuisance was when I was adding more plain text (again with no special formatting or links), the note vanished. So I had to open that note again in full screen and retype that text. Somehow, out of that wonky exercise, I unwittingly created 4 copies of that note with different phases of my attempts to add the text. I don't understand how one note file replicates itself when I didn't hit a "save" (which from the lack of that command or action icon, the file is auto saved periodically of unknown time span to me). I thought those conflicting changes files were a headache themselves in having to compare for myself the differences between the 2, 3, 4 (yup, I actually have somehow created 4 different conflicting versions of the same note) copies, which I have prioritized that behind getting rid of duplicate files on all my storage media (gawd where's that app for text files like the ones for photo to detect duplication?) or ordering pizza (I'm kidding there but the thought does cross my mind often). As I've noted repeatedly, I have figured out the reason for the conflicting changes early on in my use of Evernote in that I was not careful in the sequence of syncing when I had Evernote opened on 2 devices at the same time. But I have basically whittled down my use of Evernote to the laptop (don't really like typing on any mobile device with the soft keyboard even with my tiny fingers of virtual stylus size...okay, I exaggerate there). The recent copies of conflicting changes of the same note are ones I do not have any idea of their creation. I just may have to consider other options. As an aside, Evernote oftentimes consume a huge amount of the CPU second to Firefox. Of recent, I've become concerned with running my laptop too hot (I know there are external fans for computers) and it becoming slow. I'm not certain Evernote strains the laptop but other than buying a newer laptop (which considering how much prices have dropped, I should seriously look into it), I try to keep the resource-draining apps to a minimum. But I digress...
  9. Oh, I should add that in the meantime, my workaround is to forgo working with Evernotes on Windows and work with my files in my web account. At least the web version is still trouble-free for me.
  10. Man, from the updating to this new version I have had problem after problem. Initially the update in moving files to a new directory resulted in loss of notes and notebooks, including notes in pending for a sync located on the hard drive. Through a discussion with 2 seasoned members, I was able to figure out how to recover that former database from virtue the installation of the latest version didn't delete the previous directory. So, I simply moved the newest database file out of the new directory so it couldn't be accessed. That forced Evernote to open the previous database at its original directory location. All was well and then couple of days ago, Evernote would completely hang up on at any additional entries to an existing note I was typing in. The only windows with Evernote were the dashboard (main app) and the note I was modifying with just written sentences or characters. Not a few characters typed and the whole entire Evernote would become unresponsive. And like the other members had to do, I had to end the app via Task Manager. I thought the hangup was because of the large file which I have noticed with previous versions that copying over big volume of text (just simple characters without any formatting from a Notepad file) would stall Evernote but eventually resume. Well, this isn't the case this time. I've tried opening a new note and just hitting the Enter key would paralyze the entire program. I don't use Evernote for anything complex or fancy but recording or typing in simple text (don't usually highlight, underline, bold, etc. the text either) without any embedded links or images or graphics. Very basic. And prior to this seeming disaster (sorry for the hyperbole), the only problem I've encountered were the head-scratching conflicting changes with the same note (but which I did figure out the steps resulting in the conflicts in the past but puzzled me of the recent conflicts when I haven't been using multiple devices but just a laptop). The temporary hangups were something I tolerated knowing it involved transferring over voluminous text. Here, I know it's a technical issue not of my doing or some temporary server problem (since I don't usually log onto my web account for accessing the notes). I've read several threads that popped up in a search of this forum and the browser-related one didn't apply. Did read one member uninstalling and reinstalling which didn't fix the problem so I am wary about resorting to that. I see instructions above about rebuilding the database by moving it to the desktop. I'm nervous about it since I had problem with the database relocation with the installation of this latest version. Is the latest version out of beta status? I may wait for all the bugs to be worked out and allow for the auto update. Meanwhile, I think I had better revert to my system of working with Notepad and Google Drive in creating and modifying my notes. Microsoft's OneNote is supposed to be similar but it's so much more clunky than Evernote and I don't like Microsoft's OneDrive. Alas... I
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