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  1. Hi Gazumped, Many thanks for your help on these matters. The new interface is indeed nicely minimalistic but not practical. Thanks to your help I thus reverted to the previous layout which is indeed doing what I want! Thanks again BR Stephane
  2. Dear all, I've been looking around for a while but haven't found any answer to my problem with the web UI: I would like to have an overview of all the note titles which are in a particular notebook preferably ranked according to tag name. I understood that the latter part will not be possible, so be it but I need the list where all the titles are visible in full and not cropped according to the column size. Seemingly it is not possible to change the size of this column or am I doing something wrong ? If the column size is not subject to change, would it be possible to have a "full screen" vue of the project list ? Other side problem : I do not understand how to get rid of the lost space between this second column and the note "column" itself which correspond to the width of the 5 icons on top : alarm, start, i, bin and 3 dots. Is it possible to have these icons above the note ? (rem the problem is the same for safari and firefox) Thank you Stephane
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