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  1. @deaddowney, here's the (really stupid) resolution: use the browser to copy the text from your encrypted note once you've entered the password. now go over to your evernote installation and create a new note, pasting the contents of the encrypted version from your browser. encrypt the new note and delete the old one. (be sure all the contents from your originally encrypted note are intact before deleting!) now the decryption will work in both your browser and the evernote program. GEEZ. REALLY....????????????
  2. thanks, BSR. it works through the web browser. wonder why it's not working on my phone or mac, in the native app...??? software bug, maybe? PS - before it *did* decrypt in chrome, i received the message that my typed passcode wasn't base 64 and was therefore invalid, but after i acknowledged that message, it successfully decrypted.
  3. i'm having the same issue on both the evernote mac version and the one on my android phone. HELP!!!!!!
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