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  1. Hi Gazumped, Yes. That's what I am looking for to select the 'Tag' by drop down. But I couldn't find the drop down. I can only use typing. Could you shed me some light where to find the drop down. Thanks again. cheers, Dragon
  2. HI Gazumped, Thanks for your prompt reply and your information. But say if I have predefined some tags like A, B, C, etc. When I create a note and open existing note, can I select A, B, C instead typing A, B, C?? As Android version can support this. Many thanks. Cheers, Dragon
  3. Dear all, I just started using Evernote not long and need some help. I created a Note in Web base Evernote, but I could not find a way to assign the predefined Tags to the Note I just created or any existing Notes. I can only find the 'Add' new tag at the top of the Note. But Android version, I can select the Tag I predefined and assign. Many thanks. Dragon
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