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  1. Although Evernote users can set lots of tags or keywords into different notes OR they can copy an internal link into another note. However, once the content of the note becomes too long, then it will be inconvenient to go back to the top of the note. Thus, I want to suggest that Evernote should have a tool or a function to let users set a "go to top" or "note's its own internal shortcut" which will be much beneficial for users to return to the top of the note, instead of scrolling back to the top. In other words, if people can set some internal links in different sections, it will be easier to
  2. Hi there, I fully understand your hope and expectation. I noted that it will become a nightmare if the note's content becomes too long (just like a super long list or storybook.) EN users do need an efficient way to shuttle between different sections and paragraphs. So, let users set up anchors/links wherever they need, then it will much reasonable and beneficial for users to go to the specific places IN THE SAME NOTE, instead of scrolling up to the top or down to the bottom. (we all know the shortcut key for doing that.) I have informed EN if EN could improve this part of the technique. Just
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