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  1. Thank you. Your response is on topic. I will report it as a bug. In my case, I want to enter "SQL Conventions' as the tag. When I type 'S' the first recommended tag is 'staged orders' which is highlighted and the 'S' I typed is converted to 's'. When I type 'Q' there are no recommended tags and what's displayed is now 'sQ'. I understand that the search associated with tags isn't case sensitive but I'm old school. I type whole words and sentences when I text too.
  2. Did you actually read the description of the problem? I didn't say anything about spaces in a tag. The problem is after the first letter is type, if the the first recommended tag starts with a lower case letter the upper case letter I typed is converted to lower case against my wishes. As for input device I am using a keyboard connected to my Mac Mini
  3. Whenever I try to add a tag to a note, Evernote presents me with the previously used tags. While that's helpful, what is very frustrating is the behavior if I am not selecting one of the recommended tags. For example, I want to add the tag 'SQL Conventions'. When I start typing and type a capital S, the first recommended tag has a lower case 's' and Evernote converts my upper case 'S' to a lower case 's'. Even if I keep typing and add the capital 'Q' my Evernote shows my tag as 'sQ'. I have to complete the tag, set the cursor to the 's' and then replace it with 'S'. This makes adding tags take way longer than it should take.
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