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  1. I've been having the same problem for the past couple of days, for both the new and classic editors, in both Chrome (both normal and incognito tabs) and Firefox. (Edit - this is for v10.1.0 as well.) I can't see a way to contact support, just a feedback form - is that only for paying subscribers?
  2. I just switched from Mac to Windows and found the search to be much worse due to lacking the ability to sort by relevance. If it can be done on Mac, why can't the same solution be implemented in Windows?
  3. I've also found that it's harder to include links to other notes. It's now not obvious where to find the equivalent of the "copy notelink" button that existed previously (it's under "Share", then "More share options"), and then when I paste this into another note, the full link gets displayed, rather than a link showing just the text of the note title. It would be very nice to have it working like it did before.
  4. I find that sometimes when I return to my Evernote tab, it is back in the old (current) version of the web application, even though it is still set to use the beta version in the settings, presumably because my browser reloaded the page at some point. Changing the Evernote settings to use the current version and then the beta version again and then going back to the notes seems to work, but could it be made so that the beta version is loaded whenever Evernote is loaded with this setting?
  5. Do you mean in the beta version of the web client? It would be useful to know if so, to save me from destroying one of my complex notes one day (which I've so far not let the new web client near, until I've seen it can be trusted).
  6. Ah, great, sorry, I didn't realise the posts were being sorted that way.
  7. Also, another comment I posted here before seems to have vanished - I can't find a way to limit searches to particular notebooks, which is very useful. So it would be great if that functionality could be added back, if there is not a way to do it in the beta.
  8. Hello, I'm trying this out, and I can't find a way to copy links to notes (the equivalent of "Copy notelink" in the old version). Is there a way, and if not can this functionality be added back?
  9. I like the look of the new web client. However, I can't see a way to search inside particular notebooks (as opposed to searching all notes), like we can in the previous version. If there is not a way to do that, I would find it very useful for that feature to be added back.
  10. In Linux, using NixNote is another way I've found to be able to edit notes without the bullet formatting problem (though I've found it can be quite slow to sync).
  11. I've tried the new beta version of Evernote Web and it doesn't appear to have this problem after a quick test. See the link for how to enable it. It would be interesting to know if others find that this does not have the problem.
  12. Has this been fixed in any Evernote update yet? I'm noticing the problem now in the Mac app 6.11.1, and I'm wondering if it will be fixed if I upgrade to a later version (I generally don't update unless there is a particular fix I want, in case other features get broken).
  13. I notice that in the Evernote Web settings, I can "go back to the old version" - does anyone know if that fixes the issue?
  14. I would like to add my voice to those requesting a fix as a high priority. My workplace uses Linux, and so I cannot currently use Evernote to modify notes with complex formatting on my work computer, unless I bring in my own laptop from home and switch between them. I've paid for the Premium subscription, so to not be able to edit notes with formatting on the web seems like very poor service. Some update on the progress that's been made towards fixing this issue would be much appreciated.
  15. Hello, I've enabled two-factor authentication on my Evernote Web account, but it's asking me to give the code from the Google Authenticator app every day, even though I select the "Remember this computer for 30 days" option when I submit the code. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm logging in using Chrome 48.0.2564.109 (64-bit) in Kubuntu 12.04.5. By the way, it would be very useful for there to be an option to allow account access to a particular user on a particular computer indefinitely, as Google, Facebook etc. do, if any developers are reading this. Thanks very much for any help people can give.
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