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  1. If I do a multiselect, copy and paste, I get the same problem . . . see image.
  2. Gazumped (and others), Thank you for your replies. Yes, I did have one mp4 file in there and I understand that it might not display as an image. The others are, however, valid jpg's. If I click on the 'eye' icon, they are displayed. If I double click then the open in 'preview' app. I did reboot and also downloaded the latest EN app for mac. No change. The images are displayed the same on my phone and one other computer as well. Interesting - if I click and drag any of them to another EN note, then they are appropriately displayed as the image. Unfortunately, dragging multiselected images does not work! It only transfers one of the images. Else this might be a good work around. I could drag them all into another note, but can't drag multiple for some reason . . . only the first of the selected transfers. DJ
  3. I'm sure this has been discussed, but I've searched and cannot find the answer, so apologies to a possibly repeated question. Whenever I have imported images into an text evernote, seems I get the image inline with the text. I recently imported a batch of images (actually exported from gallery to evernote) and they ended up in an evernote as expected. However, rather than seeing the image within the note, instead I see an icon with the file name. This is useless for my application. I need to see at least a thumbnail or larger image of the jpg file. How do I force it to display the image instead of the file icon? Strangely, it seemed to convert a couple of the file icons to images as I dragged the file icon around the screen the returned it to the evernote. That was a bit odd but I could not repeat it for the other images. Here is a screen shot showing one image I want and the file icons I don't want to see. I want to the images instead. Regards . . .
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