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  1. If anyone would like to get the beta working again these were the steps I took: 1. Clear out the local Evernote data: sudo rm -R ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote 2. Download the latest release from the website 3. Hide the sidebar by going to "View > Hide Sidebar" 4. Wait for it to sync your notes again. 5. Go to preferences and search for a new beta update to install. As long as I have the sidebar turned off it's no longer crashing.
  2. Also, crashing on launch. It started happening after I turned on the sidebar which I had disabled before. I liked the new look and it felt faster until I wasn't able to open it anymore.
  3. I love the new code block feature, however spell check automatically changes a lot of my code when typing. I don't mind all of the red underlining but's hard to tell if code has been automatically changed on my mac. If there was an option to disable spell check inside of code blocks it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nick
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