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  1. If you create a list with checkboxes in Android client, it doesn't format properly in the web client (see the first picture, an image of the web client - the checkboxes with green outline are created in a list on the android client. If you select the checklist format, you get the grey boxes) And if you create them in the web client, they don't format correctly in the Android client (second picture with erroneous bullet dots before each check box). The result is that neither works neatly and consistently on both platforms. I could probably bear it if you had to start on one platform and it worked on the other but not in both directions, but not even that works. All I can say is: "are you kidding?" this is such basic stuff!!!
  2. I've found the same thing... and it turns everything on that line bold... quite a bizarre undocumented feature! Clues as to why? Anyone? Anyone?
  3. Hi John, thanks for posting this - if they notify you if/when it's fixed, can you post here? I'm assuming they will notify you, but that might be naive :-)
  4. Any chance this (a copy note feature) will get implemented in the Web version? It is so frustrating to not have it. Like other commenters, I have some templates for types of notes I use regularly, would be so handy to just grab on and copy it instead of opening, copying, opening next note, pasting....
  5. Any update on this issue? Any chance of it being fixed in the near future?
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