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  1. I am trying to create a page similar to the Table of Contents (ToC) feature of Evernote for all notes in a particular Notebook. I know two ways of doing this: Select the relevant notes and hit create ToC Select the relevant notes, right-click the selection and hit 'Copy note links' and paste and use them in the format I desire I prefer the second method as I can customise the note links in the order I want. I have noticed that in both cases, Evernote pastes the links in the order by which the first note was created. For example, say I create 4 Notes in this order with the names - A, B, C, D - if I create a ToC, Evernote will create links like this: D C B A That is, the most recent note is listed first, followed by the 2nd most recent and so on. There appears to be no option to create a ToC order based on user's selection. I want to paste links in the order in which I select the notes and not based on time of creation. Is there a workaround for this other than manually selecting and copy pasting each note link one by one or saving notes in reverse order like - D, C, B, A? Having a large number of notes in a particular notebook can make it difficult to try and maintain this order. Any tip would be greatly appreciated. I am running OSX 10.11.6 and Evernote version 6.8 (Direct).
  2. I'm relatively new to Evernote so please excuse my mistakes if I happen to make any. If I annotate a PDF document attached to a note in Evernote on my Mac Mini, it opens up the editor. There are a lot of pages in the PDF document that I would like to delete. I wish Evernote would give us a simple multi-page select and delete option to remove unwanted pages from the PDF. I have to manually select (right-click and then 'Delete this page' - is there a faster way?) for every single page. On deleting more than 2 or sometimes 3 pages, Evernote crashes and asks if I want to send a crash report on reopening Evernote. I have already sent one. At first, I thought it was because the file did not sync fully. I tried again after the file synced fully. The issue persisted. Here are some details: Hardware Model: Macmini7,1 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15G31) Exception Type: SIGABRT Evernote version: Version 6.8 (453748 Direct) PDF file size on disk - 39.2 MB PDF file size on Evernote - 53.2 MB Also why does Evernote have a larger file size? Please help. It is important that I sort this out as soon as possible.
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