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  1. On the Mac client for Evernote, I could convert a note to PDF by right-clicking and clicking on 'Convert to PDF' (or something with a similar name) in the editor. I am unable to locate the option for the Windows client. I am running latest beta Please help me convert the note to PDF.
  2. Hi, As seen in the attached images, when I clip different websites, they are clipped differently. Maybe this is an issue with just one of the sites. I want to know: Why does the clipper increase/decrease font size differently? Does it have to do with existing page font size? Why is there a difference in font style in the clipper preview and in my note when saved? Do I need to change the settings to match them? For instance, the underlining style for the title of the note in the clipper preview (which looks amazing) is not saved into the note Is there a way to change the font settings for preview so that the text can fit the screen width? You can see that the text is centred in the preview leaving usable space on the sides, I suppose this is intentional but when clipping long articles that need highlighting, it might be easier to increase length of the line so that users do not have to scroll multiple times The sites clipped in the images are - Link 1, Link 2 (EDIT - Link 2 takes a lot longer for Evernote to clip. Is there a way to get it to work faster?)
  3. Could add option: 3. Note title disappears when scrolling down a note and briefly appears while scrolling up the note. For example, if I scroll up and pause, the note title could be displayed for 3 seconds or something and then disappear in some animated manner. This would save time searching for the title and also save precious real estate on the screen
  4. @Chantal Leonard, I like this feature but would like to suggest adding a bit of contrast colour to the note title bar when scrolling (maybe a slight greyish tinge like how this quote title and content is being diffrentiated). It appears a little confusing at times. For instance, if I scroll down to a point in the document, depending on the formatting conditions, the document may appear to begin at that point even though the scroll bar is visible on the side. When multitasking between different applications, this may lead to confusion as one might forget that the current viewpoint of the note is not viewing the beginning of the note.
  5. @jbenson2 & @gustavgi, I just came across your posts and am not sure if you have found out the answers to your question(s) above. I am using Evernote for Mac and I have had the Drive integration for some time now. It is similar to what you are using in the sense that you can view other people's content on Drive. However, I soon found out that all those files were in the 'Shared with me' section of my Drive account. Maybe it is the same case with you. I am not sure if it is a security breach of any kind.
  6. @E-NoteForum, yes , you're right. I would like to report bugs through the reports but I always hesitate to do this even though only the names are visible to Evernote staff. I have noticed that these crash reports can get very long at times. I personally don't edit the report because it just takes too long. I know Evernote allows us to remove the names but for users especially the non-technical ones, it just takes too long. Even though I understand that users' privacy is respected to the fullest extent, knowing that my name data is visible induces hesitation to share. Given that Evernote allows us to edit out the names on our own, I too believe they should give us an option to remove the names with just a single button. That might encourage users to file more bug reports. If it's hard for debugging, maybe Evernote could develop a way to understand which notes are related to which without the name. I am no computer engineer but I would appreciate it if Evernote gave us an option similar to what has been requested above.
  7. Hi, I was wondering as to whether the theme music used in the Evernote videos like this one was specifically composed for Evernote. I really like it and have tried to identify it using certain music recognition apps but haven't been able to identify it just yet. Does anyone know what music it is? I really didn't know in which forum to make this post so please excuse me.
  8. @SMRPhotographics LLC, I think the Windows client for Evernote has colour coding for tags.
  9. @Willem Van Zyl, I think this is an awesome idea and you should make a separate feature request for it! Wow!
  10. The topic was supposed to be 'Embed videos or stream through an in-app browser' which got cut short for some reason.
  11. I am aware that embedding videos request has been requested multiple times through a number of years. However, this idea has never been voted upon as a feature (please hit the up vote button on the top left corner if you would like this idea to be featured in Evernote) as such and hence I am posting this idea which isn't exactly new to determine its popularity in the forums. I know that this may not affect Evernote's feature implementation decision but its always nice to know what you guys think. What are the possible use cases (basing it on this)? Students - lecture videos, Youtube links for learning, etc Project planning - related videos or things like the mission for mars video for inspiration Research Personal organization Small business In my opinion, it fits in ALL the categories perfectly well. Now, this idea has been discussed in numerous threads, check them out for possible reasons why this has not been implemented yet and whether we can realistically expect the Team to take up our request. Maybe now that they have Drive integration, at least we could convince them to allow us to embed video files from Drive into Evernote which could play within the app? I'm no application developer to comment on its feasibility. Related threads in chronological sequence (check out the dates and you will be surprised ):
  12. Yes! It resolves the issue! However, there is a difference when I copy-paste and when I clip by selection. Please see the images. The selection formatting is done perfectly. (It appears like a column because I clipped the text from a newspaper article in PDF format).
  13. Need this in the nearest major Android update. Voted up this thread. In addition, chromecast would be a classy integration to consider.
  14. Hi, I am using Chrome in Mac. Evernote for Mac - V 6.8 - Direct download. All current updated versions. Premium user. For some odd reason, I am compelled to open PDF files through chrome apps like LuminPDF, etc since the earlier default chrome viewer does not seem to be doing its function. So the issues I am facing is based on use of LuminPDF chrome app. When viewing PDFs online using the app and clipping using screenshot (I need to do this as there are very specific parts of PDFs that I need to read and clip on a daily basis - other workarounds are too cumbersome and I don't need the entire PDF in my Evernote), there is no problem at all. However, when: Selecting text from the PDF and copy-pasting into Evernote shows that there are some clear problems. Evernote does not make the text visible though it is pasted and is searchable in the note. Please see the attachments to understand what I am trying to say. You can even see on the note sidebar that Evernote has recognised the text. If I change the font colour, the text appears but formatting as can be seen in the attached images will not be proper with spaces being introduced all over the place. Selecting text and using the 'Selection' tool of Evernote has the same result. I believe copy-pasting and 'Selection' tool have similar functionality and hence the issue. Please tell me that I have made a mistake somewhere and that this can be fixed easily. Until this is sorted out, I will continue using Evernote's screenshot option. EDIT: On pasting using the Command+Shift+v instead of Command+v, the copy-paste works with proper pasting, the text is viewable. So maybe this is an issue of Evernote formatting only.
  15. @gazumped, I have quite a few scanned PDFs of handwritten notes. Quite obviously, this is not searchable in Evernote. I understand that images are searchable though not always completely reliable. I want to know if I will be able to search those notes after I convert the PDF to images. Does it affect the indexing? Also, do you know of any way outside of Evernote to search for handwritten text in PDFs? Please help. I don't have the original notes to scan as images. Sorry for asking questions repeatedly related to the same topic.
  16. @BSR, just a suggestion - since a lot of posts are made by new users to the forums, I think Evernote should set view signatures of others option to on by default; else like me, other new users would have to wait for 10 days to do that all the while assuming they know where to locate it. Looking at all the signatures now makes me realise that a lot of new posts about where to find support, etc can be avoided or made minimal by enabling this feature. Please do consider it! Edit - also, looks like signatures are not viewable on mobile browsers. Please consider adding that too.
  17. Looks like I've got my signature enabled now! Thanks @gazumped for the subtle reminder
  18. Chromecast support please! But not just for Windows (or maybe we could start with that platform first to experiment).
  19. It appears as though the search bar design/features are quite different in Mac. Here's what I can see:
  20. How do certain topics become featured like this one with a star next to it? I have checked the forums, turns out number of votes is not the criterion. Does it mean that this issue is being considered on priority by the Evernote team? Are we finally seeing it in the not too distant (hopefully) Mac client update? @JMichaelTX, looks like we have come a long way in this topic in terms of number of votes. Incidentally, this topic appears to be the most requested (through votes) topic in the Mac product feedback forum!
  21. @DTLow, could we request the Evernote team to increase the vote button size or make it more prominent at least? To be honest, I wasn't aware of this button until scrolling through the +1s and eventually finding your vote posts with the image. I think a lot of new users to the forums tend to miss out on the vote button. I think it should be made bigger or displayed more prominently. I know this statement is not related to this discussion but I do not know where to make this specific request. Also, I would like this feature to be implemented as well. Voted up!
  22. I do not know the standard syntax but I found Evernote's search grammar article for the same (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php). Now I am beginning to understand how to make most of Evernote search.
  23. Found the way accidentally - turns out one must click on the note and hit Command+F which launches the search bar within the note which shows the number of matches for a search term within the note. I would like to refine my question now - is there a way to add this search-within-note bar to the toolbar or do I have to click on the note each time and then hit Command+F? Edit: Does Evernote mention number of matches of search terms in each note? I know that Evernote shows the number of notes containing the search terms and that searching inside the note shows the number of matches within the document, but does Evernote show the search results with number of matches overall and number of matches in each note listed in the search result?
  24. Related to search inside PDF topic: @gazumped, I am trying to search for specific terms/phrases in PDF files attached in different notes in Evernote. I see that the terms are highlighted in each note. I can easily navigate between the notes and find what I am looking for. However, within a particular note's PDF attachment, the search term may be highlighted multiple times in the file. How do I get to the next highlight within that particular PDF file other than manually scrolling through each page and looking out for the highlight?
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