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  1. I created a separate post in Clipper forum and also created a support ticket to get Evernote to look into this ASAP. Here's the link :
  2. I have created a support ticket for the same (#1934796). It appears that Evernote would have to update Clipper to allow Youtube-specific clipping on the new site as Youtube recently underwent a design makeover. Youtube-specific clipping appears on restoring to Youtube classic. Please update Clipper ASAP.
  3. In response to my earlier post, I switched to the Youtube Classic option in the bottom right-hand corner of Youtube webpage. Turns out, I can now clip it with Youtube-specific clipping. Evernote, please take this up with the Youtube team or please update the Clipper accordingly. Until then, I'll use Youtube classic. Evernote, I guess you didn't remove Youtube-specific clipping after all. My apologies. Having said that, please restore Amazon-specific clipping.
  4. It appears that the Youtube website has undergone a design makeover. It looks refreshing. Evernote Webclipper appears to no longer show Youtube specific clipping! Does it have something to do with the website design change or has Evernote been making a conscious decision to remove website specific clipping like that of Amazon? This is now becoming really annoying, tolerating the clipper bugs after auto-update to 6.10 and then removal of Amazon-specific clipping and now maybe Youtube too? At the very least, Evernote employees can strive to inform its customers of what they add/remove and
  5. Somehow, I got the link to clip by clicking on the link. When I try it again, it fails. Doesn't work in the new window. You are most likely right. We must be facing different problems. I am running Chrome on Mac Version 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit) in case that helps EN staff reading these posts.
  6. I am not sure if this is a new issue in this Mac Version (Version 6.10 (454267 Direct)), but when I right-click on a hyper-link in a note and click on 'Open Link', Evernote does nothing. When I left-click on the hyper-link, it opens up as expected. Anyone else facing this specific issue?
  7. You may be right but for the link that I had mentioned in the earlier post, it does not clip even when open either in single tab/multiple tab or foreground/background. If possible, please see if you are able to get the clipper to launch on the link that I had shared earlier. I can't seem to locate the specific action that is causing the clipper to give the dialog box message on that particular link.
  8. @rubenb, the Clipper earlier (prior to 6.10) had no issues at all while launching on all websites. With 6.10.1 (35f63f9/, it solved some of the problems but not all. For example, in this page (link), I'm getting the error "The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support". However, other webpages of the same website seem to be clipping fine. Can't understand why its working like this.
  9. Why does Evernote keep creating a shortcut on my Desktop everytime I update it to a newer version? Is there a way to prevent this from occurring again? It is beginning to get a tad bit irritating.
  10. This issue has not been fixed on Chrome for Windows, reported here (briefly - have to press the shortcut to start clipper a second time for it to recognise keyboard shortcuts):
  11. This issue has been fixed in the Web Clipper 6.10 version.
  12. Thanks for the update, this fixes some of the issues I reported earlier: Fixed: I am now able to scroll down the tags in the add tag bar by hitting the down arrow key reported here: Partly fixed and partly not: I don't think issue number 1&2 reported here have been addressed while issue number 4 has been fixed (Thank you!):
  13. I think it would be awesome if Evernote also developed (or let's say added to their list of future feature implementations) a widget in the Mac Notification centre. I am not sure if Apple has discouraged support for such widgets but I use Todoist and they have an awesome widget over there. The advantage would be that instead of switching between apps (I could use hotkeys and set shortcut for the Notification Centre) and quickly take a note or set a reminder, etc without leaving the app that I am currently working on.
  14. The crash issue with clicking and dragging a notebook stack has been fixed. Thank you. When I make a presentation of my notes and then right-click->Export presentation as PDF, it works properly. However, it appears that the option 'Export presentation as PDF' is greyed out for articles clipped from the web using the web clipper. (Web clipper screenshot has no issues, just when I choose 'Article' or 'Simplified Article' the issue exists I think. I am not sure if this is a bug or was intended or an issue with my system. Anyone else facing this issue?
  15. I am running Chrome for Mac Version 54.0.2840.59 (64-bit), when I click on 'Add tag', in the previous versions of Chrome, when the dropdown menu for tags appeared in the search results, I could hit the down arrow key to scroll through the tags and select the right tag by hitting enter. Now, the tags in search results show up, but I am unable to scroll through the tags by hitting the down arrow key. It doesn't work. Please restore this.
  16. While the crash issue involving exporting presentation as PDF has been fixed, this next one continues to cause Evernote to crash (both reported in Beta 1 forum): 1. Fixed - crash pertaining to export presentation as PDF 2. Not fixed - crash pertaining to clicking and dragging a notebook stack
  17. Running Version 6.10 Beta 1 (454168 Direct). When you click and drag a Notebook stack, it throws the following error:
  18. I am running Evernote Mac Version 6.10 Beta 1 (454143 Direct). I don't know if this was existing earlier but in presentation mode, when the user right-clicks, there are a lot of features in the menu which is awesome (please see the 1st image). However, when I click on 'Export Presentation as PDF', I get this error (please see image 2).
  19. I have set up shortcuts on the Web Clipper. When I press the 'Alt' key, the Clipper is set to start. I have set the keyboard shortcut of 'Simplified article' to 'c'. On Chrome on Mac, when I press 'Alt', the clipper loads, and then pressing 'c' alone automatically shows the simplified article preview. However, on Chrome (Version 53.0.2785.143 m) on Windows 10 (Version 1607 - Build 14393.222) - I have to press 'Alt' to load the clipper and then instead of 'c' alone, I have to again press 'Alt'+'c' (in quick succession) to get it to switch to 'Simplified article' mode. Is this supposed
  20. I moved my Evernote Beta app to the Applications folder as it was mentioned in the dialog box. I replaced the previous version with this one. Now there is only one application so I suppose that solves the problem. On clicking 'Check for updates', Evernote Beta now shows this (please see image). This is normal right?
  21. I am new to Evernote Beta for Mac. Before I test out the new editor, I would like to clarify this - in Windows Beta, the Evernote update replaces its own shortcut with a 'Beta' tag on the icon which I like. In Mac, it appears to be slightly different. There are 2 applications for Evernote now - the old version and the new Beta version. Is there a way to distinguish between the two or combine the two? When I click on the old version it asks me to open the latest version which makes sense. When I click on 'Check for updates' on the Beta version it shows me this (please see image 2) - is this
  22. When I search for tags named like 'Ex1 Test2' (that is, 2 words separated by a space character) in the Web Clipper, I can get it to show up even if I type 'Test' alone or even 'Ex Test' or any other combinations like 'E Te' - you get the idea. However, when I search to add tags in the Mac Desktop client, I am unable to get the tag to show up unless I type 'Ex1 '. In other words, I have to type out some or all of the characters of the 1st word in order to get it to show the tag. Typing 'Test' and other combinations of the 2nd word will not show up. This is similar to what another user had
  23. I did post in this thread. In fact you have shared the link to the very same thread I posted in! I also mentioned that I have already voted up this thread.
  24. Hi, As seen in the attached images, when I clip different websites, they are clipped differently. Maybe this is an issue with just one of the sites. I want to know: Why does the clipper increase/decrease font size differently? Does it have to do with existing page font size? Why is there a difference in font style in the clipper preview and in my note when saved? Do I need to change the settings to match them? For instance, the underlining style for the title of the note in the clipper preview (which looks amazing) is not saved into the note Is there a way to change the f
  25. Could add option: 3. Note title disappears when scrolling down a note and briefly appears while scrolling up the note. For example, if I scroll up and pause, the note title could be displayed for 3 seconds or something and then disappear in some animated manner. This would save time searching for the title and also save precious real estate on the screen
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