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  1. Might be good enough for you, but I'll be taking my money elsewhere.
  2. You think it's acceptable to have the web version essentially non-function? With modern web browsers, this just isn't an acceptable thing. There are countless mechanisms to stop this happening on flaky network connections, without having to resort to native apps. So yeah, Google Drive looking attractive at this point. Even allows offline editing in an ordinary browser.
  3. I've been a long-time premium user but I'm getting more and more dismayed with buggy save behaviour on the web version. I use Linux and Chromebox desktops, so I can't install. When connections are flaky, which is often when I'm in a client meeting, I've had my notes disappear far too many times. Or I end up with 20-30 different versions of the note saved. That's just plain unacceptable. I've started taking notes in a text editor when the notes are important. That's plain unacceptable. How about using local storage to save stuff for future syncing? And surely you can generate some kind of unique identifier for a note in the client to ensure it doesn't get saved multiple times. Google Drive has come a long way, including its amazing document scanning features. If I get another instance of this behaviour, I'll be strongly considering a full migration to Drive.
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