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  1. >>> But long-term free users do not help the business. That is simply wrong statement. Free users do help long-term. They are the starting point for those who pay - just study the customer curve for any given product. It is adding new limitations to those who got onto a hook of the product during previous 5 years that do not help business.
  2. Every buisness needs money, no question here. The point is - if you put money first, before your customers (and customers are all users, not necessarily those who pay) you won't survive. I beleive in a simple equation - customer-company-employee. That's how you shall prioritise things. And that works. Always. And logic "you're not paying - so why shall they care" also works, always - companies that think like that die very soon. Speaking of evernote - I do beleive they'll clear userbase from those that dont generate revenues. The point is, as mentioned above, that non-paying users are responsible for generating all revenues. It is non-paying that make word of mouth. It is non-paying that convert to paying. Killing non-paying is killing your future. So I think the only curcumstances that this step can be "justified" is when you plan to sell a company and need nice figures in your repors. Showing nice figures in reports always payback (negatively) afterwards.
  3. Was really surprized to find out the new limitation. The first though was - are you serious? Guys, I get 1Tb of cloud space (and excellent app that just works in addition to that) for $8/ month. Do you really expect me pay half of Dropbox price for a note-keeping app? Seriuosly? I never came close to that 60Mb limit per month since mostly I keep addresses and web linkes in evernote. But yes, I have many devices - two phones (used at different time), tablet, work PC and home PC. But I definitely not a heavy user (I think 1 note/ day is maximum I can make). I can get most of features I need with free Google Keep (the only thing I miss is attachment of PDF - when travelling I attach tickets in PDF to the note - but this feature is also unavailable for evernote since no offline files for free users). I pay $2 for Strava app - the excellent motivational network for those into hobby sports - and I do that simply to support them. I don't need their premium (or at least can live without it), but I do feel they care about me. Even if I am a free user the product is 100% functional. They do not limit free users - they simply give more to those who pay. Showing that you're only interested in my money is definitely the wrong message to the customer. Of course everyone wants to eat. But those who survive care not about money, but about the product and about their customers first.
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