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  1. >>> But long-term free users do not help the business. That is simply wrong statement. Free users do help long-term. They are the starting point for those who pay - just study the customer curve for any given product. It is adding new limitations to those who got onto a hook of the product during previous 5 years that do not help business.
  2. Every buisness needs money, no question here. The point is - if you put money first, before your customers (and customers are all users, not necessarily those who pay) you won't survive. I beleive in a simple equation - customer-company-employee. That's how you shall prioritise things. And that works. Always. And logic "you're not paying - so why shall they care" also works, always - companies that think like that die very soon. Speaking of evernote - I do beleive they'll clear userbase from those that dont generate revenues. The point is, as mentioned above, that non-paying users a
  3. Was really surprized to find out the new limitation. The first though was - are you serious? Guys, I get 1Tb of cloud space (and excellent app that just works in addition to that) for $8/ month. Do you really expect me pay half of Dropbox price for a note-keeping app? Seriuosly? I never came close to that 60Mb limit per month since mostly I keep addresses and web linkes in evernote. But yes, I have many devices - two phones (used at different time), tablet, work PC and home PC. But I definitely not a heavy user (I think 1 note/ day is maximum I can make).
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