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  1. Hi Matt, 1. This note was created in Evernote on my Sony phone. More precisely, it was created before, and I edited it yesterday, and after I saved it, the aforementioned situation occured. (The creation was done on my previous HTC smartphone, and the edit is done on my current Sony Z5 phone) 2. Once I notice this situation, I wrote the previous article, so far there are no other similar situation on other notes, and this was never seen before. (might also because other notes are long enough to fill up entire preview block) 3. Yes, it is also seen on the web version
  2. Hi, Today I encounter a situation shown in attached screenshots, in the main page of Evernote, the preview of one of my note shows extra text, while the note itself does not contain these text. I censored out some sensitive info, but in comparison of the two screenshots it should still be clear that my original note only contains two line, while in the preview there are some more text, and this piece of text seem not making complete sentence, for non-chinese readers here's the translate of the first line: "Right of claims your careless this time and
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