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  1. I check in about once a week on the thread aaaaand, nope. Still broken. Has anyone from Evernote officially chimed in on this thread? If 8.9.1 works, I'm wondering out loud when it will hit the Play Store. Can you imagine how many new users are getting the 8.9 distro as their first experience?
  2. Having done all things IT for many years, it is disheartening not only that this is going on for so long (and making mobile access unusable), but that the official answer is "install this app from a rando third party site / AWS Dropbox, then enter the password that rules your life". Is it legitimate? Most likely. Is it sketchy when messing with your most critical data? Yep. Did someone figure out how we will be notified when we can reinstall from the Play store?
  3. Evernote 7.9.3 - Samsung Galaxy S5 - Android 6.0.1 Plus to add note, Camera, Snap picture, shows up in gallery fine, switch to save as "Document", Processes, 100% black rectangle. Sad Panda. Love Evernote, love little notebooks, hope this gets resolved so I can combine workflows
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